BI 2: London Chronicle 1757 – February 1760

1757 - 1758 - 1759 - 1760


May 14 James Rivington publishes Smollett's History of England

Aug. 23 Parliament members should reside in communities where chosen / More troops sent to Colonies / Late Dr. Jonathan Swift's St. Patrick's Hospital for lunatics receives 16 patients

Sept. 10 America: Fort Hekames [Harkemeis] reports settler killed by Indians which may lead to repercussions / Virginia Ranger captured by Indians and taken to Detroit / Comments on John Locke's "Treatise of Education" / Troops arrive in Halifax enroute Louisburg



Apr. 25 Admiral Sir Edward Hawke reports victory / French fleet driven ashore / Article on Prostitution / Negroes on St. Domingo, with the help of Englishmen, poisoned French; but, were discovered and burned / Captain Rogers Rangers fail to capture Indians raiding German Flats / Governor DeLancey: the King wants the help of Colonies in the war

June 10 Article by Americus (Benjamin Franklin) on the importance of the war and the West Indies

July 13 How the French pass the English blockade / The National Debt / America: General William Johnson has a successful parley and holds Indians against the French / Indians raid German Flats / American situation is critical / Number of troops at Louisburg, Crown Point, Ticonderoga, and headed for Fort Dusquesne total 38,200



Jan. 2 Comments on the right to seize property from neutral nations in this war / Remarkable meteor, seen in many distant parts / Article on the importance of the French put on America / Colchester people terrified by fast glaring light that vanished quickly in the heavens (flying saucer?)

Jan. 18 Spanish King escapes assassination / Rivington publishes Orlando Furioso / Captain Scott's Rangers to go with General Wolfe's expedition with General Moncton / Two Gentlemen were covered with soil after attacking nightmen emptying a necessary

Apr. 17 Mr. Handel dies / Army deserter tries to cut off his hand to avoid service / Letter from an officer - colonies do not support the war, provisions lacking, and the Provincials are untrained / The comet appeared as predicted / Irish criminal Michael Collins confessed at the gallows to rape, five murders plus robberies. Previously, five men had been executed for these crimes on the testimony of Collins

May 24 Jeffrey Amherst acknowledges the thanks of the Commons

July 12 Debtors act / Article from the Craftsman on the militia / General Wolfe goes against Quebec, Amherst goes against Montreal

Nov. 27 Cherokees raid in Georgia and South Carolina - Indian war is imminent / General Amherst is turned back on Lake Champlain by bad weather / Essay on Thanksgiving / French have 11,000 troops between Crown Point and Quebec / Plan to transfer manuscripts of Oxford University library



Jan. 1 A new edition of Spenser's "Fairy Queen" is published / Thomas Chippendale publishes a cabinet making book / Life expectancy book / "Tristram Shandy" is published / Ode for the New Year / The slave ship Nancy arrives in Barbados with 297 slaves / Mystery ship disappears in a hurricane

Jan. 3 America: Governor DeLancey says that settlers can return to their homes on the Hudson River / Norwich celebrates Quebec victory

Jan. 5 America: Letter from Charles-Town, SC describes the Indian war in the Southern Colonies / A scheme to employ disorderly persons in London / Poem on the Conquest of Quebec and the death of Wolfe

Jan. 8 Several arrests of people at unlawful games / One reason for the war is the French activity in the West Indies

Jan. 10 Poverty / Events in the prosecution of the present war 1748-1759 / Long story of the execution of a child murder

Jan. 12 The situation in the West Indies / The peace treaty should be debated in Parliament

Jan. 15 Action in the West Indies / Article on British malt-distilleries / America: Confirmation of Major Robert Rogers's raid on the Indians at St. Francis (This episode is the basis for the Kenneth Roberts's well-known novel, Northwest Passage)

Jan. 17 Pamphlet on Liberty and Common Sense to the People of Ireland / M. Colbert's (Prime Minister to Louis XIV) article on the true riches of the State / Donations for relief of French prisoners / A strange comet

Jan. 19 Abdication of the Crown of the Two Sicilies / Arguments against peace

Jan. 22 Article against donations for the relief of French prisoners / In the peace treaty, should we take Canada or the West Indies islands?

Jan. 24 Events of victory and defeat in the current war / Violent Halifax storms

Jan. 26 America: General Amherst walks from Albany to Boston / French disheartened after the death of Montcalm / All fortifications on Lake Champlain are in British hands / America: Extensive Indian activity in Georgia and the Carolinas / Williamsburg reports deadly Indian attacks in Augusta County / Governor Hamilton arrives in Philadelphia from New-York / French settlements on the Mississippi and an account of the Country called Louisiana

Jan. 29 America: Details on the Halifax storms and the Indian troubles in the Carolinas / Scottish distilleries / Military movements in Canada and the Carolinas / Amherst builds fortifications on Lake Champlain / Handel's "Judas Maccabaes" to be performed

Jan. 31 Pamphlet on "French and Indian Cruelty" is published / Reverend Whitefield's chapel is enlarged

Feb. 2 Voltaire is 67 and is writing a history of Russia / Article on why there is an increase in robberies / The strange story of a woman who enlisted in the army / America: All is well now with the military since General Amherst tends to heal the differences between the regulars and the American Militia / General Gage has repaired forts at Niagara and Oswego / Stewart Johnson's story before dying after being shot by Lord Ferrers / America: Chief Little Carpenter's expedition against the French / Choctaws want peace / 40 Prussian Generals have died since Oct. 1, 1756

Feb. 5 Death of a punster by Swift / Death by Joy! / Fort St. Pierre in Martinique is described / Origin and design of cards


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