The Johnson Program in Leadership and Integrity

The Johnson Scholarship Program was created in 2008 by Rupert H. Johnson Jr. '62 to become a signature feature of Washington and Lee University by attracting to campus students with exceptional academic and personal promise regardless of their financial situation.

Johnson Summer Enhancement Funds

Johnson Summer Enhancement Funds support Johnson Scholars with a stipend of up to $10,000 during their time at W&L to participate in a variety of domestic, international, and virtual experiences with the purpose of exposing the scholars to new cultures, making them more competitive job applicants, and following personal passions. These funds provide freedom for students to guide their own career and personal development.

Johnson Opportunity Grants

The Johnson Opportunity Grant program provides funds to support W&L student projects across the country and around the world. The grants are awarded on a competitive basis and are open to all undergraduate students at W&L. The grants cover travel, living expenses, and other costs associated with the proposed project or summer activity.

The Johnson Mentorship Program

The Johnson Mentorship Program pairs upper-division mentors with first- and second-year students to provide academic, social, and personal guidance.

Johnson Programming

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Faculty Chairs

In addition to providing scholarships and opportunity funding for students, the Johnson Program supports the Johnson Professorship in History and the Johnson Professorship in Entrepreneurship and Leadership.