Wireless Network FAQ


Connecting on an iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC:

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Find wi-fi and choose the "eduroam" wireless network on your device.
  3. When prompted, enter your full W&L email address as your username and your W&L password
    • Note: you will need to log in to eduroam only once, until you change your W&L password.
  4. Select "I agree" or "Trust" or "Continue" if you receive any certificate messages, even if you see a "not trusted" message.

Connecting on an Android Device:

  1. Click on the Wireless symbol.
  2. Choose eduroam from the network list, and connect.
  3. Choose PEAP under EAP Method.
  4. Choose MSCHAPv2 under Phase 2 Authentication if applicable.
  5. Currently select "Do Not Validate" under Server CA Certificate.
  6. Put in your full W&L email address under Identity.
  7. Leave anonymous blank.
  8. Put in your Password under Password.
  9. Check the Save Identity and Password box if applicable.
  10. Select Connect.

Contact the Information Desk (540) 458-4357 or help@wlu.edu if you have any questions or you need assistance.

Once your wireless device is configured for eduroam, you will automatically connect to the eduroam wireless network at W&L and at any of the hundreds of institutions worldwide that use the eduroam wireless network.

Trouble connecting to eduroam?

  • Re-start your device - this may resolve the issue
  • Macintosh computers: If you're getting disconnected from eduroam, you may need to make eduroam your preferred wireless network:
    • Click the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar > click Open Network Preferences > Select WiFi in the left pane > click Advanced > under WiFi tab, drag "eduroam" to the top in the list of preferred wireless networks.

How do visitors and guests access wireless?

Visitors and guests have various options for accessing wireless and other resources, depending on the length of their visit and other variables.

How do I set up my wireless printer or wireless router?

For network security purposes, anything that broadcasts its own signal is an unauthorized extension of the W&L network, and is prohibited by the University's Acceptable Use Policy.

How do I connect my game device to the wireless network?

  • Find your Mac address and write it down
  • Disconnect the device from the power for 30 minutes
  • Fill out the self-registration
  • Connect your registered device to WLU

What is eduroam?

The wireless network for use by employees and students at W&L is eduroam, a reciprocal, secure wireless service used by more than 300 educational institutions in the U.S. and hundreds more internationally. Once you configure your wireless device, it will automatically connect to eduroam at W&L and any location worldwide where eduroam is in operation. Employees and students at other institutions where eduroam is in use may in turn use their institutional credentials to connect to eduroam while at W&L.

For a complete list of participating institutions, see https://eduroam.org/where

How do I find additional help and support?

Contact the Information Desk (540) 458-4357 or help@wlu.edu if you have any questions or you need assistance.