Safe Travel Guidelines for Students


What do I need to do before I travel abroad?

  • Please be aware that customs may confiscate anything you bring
  • Change your password 
  • Update your wi-fi (eduroam) connection by forgetting/adding back to all devices with your full email as your username
  • Update your email with your new password on appropriate devices
  • Make sure to store all University-related data in Box to ensure it is safe. Back up any personal data to a cloud storage option or other safe location.
  • If you rely on multi-factor authentication (MFA) to secure your personal and work-related accounts, be sure that you know how it will work in the countries you plan on visiting. For example, if your MFA relies on SMS text messages, be sure you are able to receive text messages wherever you are. If your preferred option is not available, consider using an alternative method like app on WiFi or a physical token to make sure you can log in to your accounts.

What do I need to know while traveling?

  • Use passwords to lock and unlock your device (preferably not biometrics: fingerprint, facial, retinal)
  • Avoid visiting any website that requires login credentials unless needed while traveling
  • Use myVI or VPN to access W&L resources and approved cloud services like Box
  • Use private browsing to prevent credentials from being cached or clear your browsing history after each use
  • Do not plug in untrusted accessories (flash drives, charging cables, memory cards) as these may install malware and steal data
  • Turn off devices when not in use
  • Do not join networks automatically; turn off Wireless, Bluetooth, and GPS when not being used
  • Do not use public devices to log into any University resources or use public charging stations
  • If you suspect your credentials have been compromised, contact ITS immediately so we can lock your W&L accounts
  • Please review this government site on International Travel, and be aware of your destination country' laws and cultural customs

What do I need to do when I return from travel abroad?

  • Avoid immediately connecting to personal or work networks prior to running full anti-virus and anti-malware scans 
  • Change your password used during your travels at the ITS Information Desk in Leyburn library
  • Forget and add back the eduroam network and update your email with your new password

How do I get additional help or assistance?

For more information or assistance, please contact the ITS Information Desk in Leyburn Library at (540) 458-4537 (HELP) or send an email with your request to PRIOR to leaving campus