University-Funded International Travel for Faculty and Staff

University funds can be used only to support international travel for faculty, staff, and students to countries where the U.S. State Department's Travel Advisory Level is 1 or 2. For destinations where a travel advisory is Level 3, travelers must request an exception through the travel registry. No funds may be used for travel to a country with a Level 4 designation. Absent an approved exception, no tickets should be purchased or non-refundable expenditures made. To assist all travelers, the University has contracted with International SOS (ISOS) to provide logistical support and information about risks and security as you plan and engage in travel.

Travel Registry

The Travel Registry is for international travel not affiliated with the Center for International Education.  All personnel-faculty, staff, and students--participating in university-sponsored international travel must register their travel in the Travel Registry. This includes travel for any aspect of university business: conference travel, research travel, travel with an athletic team, travel with the choir,  externships, and all other co-curricular international travel. 

Before you begin, please note that you will need the following:

  • a scanned copy of your passport,
  • your passport information, and
  • your travel information.
  • an ISOS destination report (if the destination has a US State Department Travel Advisory Level 3 or 4.  Click here for instructions on obtaining an ISOS country report)

You DO NOT need to use the Travel Registry if you have already submitted your information to the Center for International Education through:

  • a study abroad applicaiton.
  • a spring term abroad application
  • a Center for International Education Summer Internship Grant application
  • a faculty proposal for a spring term abroad course

(Need help using the Travel Registry? Download this handout.)

Begin Student Registration

Begin Faculty/Staff Travel Registration