Voicemail for W&L Employees FAQ


I'm a new employee at W&L. How do I set up voicemail?

Your W&L extension won't receive voicemail until you complete these steps:

  1. Press soft key marked Voicemail
  2. Enter default security code. Contact ITS (help@wlu.edu or x4357) if you can't find it.
  3. Follow the prompts to enter a new code and finish voicemail setup

How do retrieve my voicemail?

You can retrieve voicemail in two ways:

  • Look for an e-mail from "nec8700" with subject line "Voice Message from Voicemail Tel: <phone number here>. Open the attachment, which is a sound file, and listen to it.
  • Use a phone to retrieve voicemail:
    • On-campus from an office phone: press the Voicemail soft key; enter your security code and follow the prompt
    • Off campus: Dial 458-4200; Press the # key; enter your four-digit extension; enter your security code

How can I send a caller directly into someone else's voicemail?

Here's how you can forward a call to the voicemail of a W&L extension, without waiting for that extension to ring:

  1. A call comes in and you answer
  2. Press the "Hold"
  3. Dial *74 and the four-digit extension followed by the soft key "DIAL"
  4. Hang up the phone

How do I change my security code in voicemail?

  • Login to your voicemail box with your current code.

Choose the following:

      • 3 Phone Management
      • 1 Personal options
      • 4 Change security code. (This is where you will enter your new code.  Follow the prompts.)

How do I find additional help or support?