Password Policy


A "passphrase" is hard to crack. It requires a few more keystrokes than its predecessor, the password. This simple fact makes it more secure, but also easier to remember when stringing together random words. While aligned with the university's password policy, the passphrase will eliminate the need for special characters and numbers, making it more convenient to type into mobile devices.

Standards for University Password

  • A minimum of 16 characters, but longer is accepted.

  • At least one uppercase and one lower case letter is required.

  • Numbers can be used, but are not required.

  • Special characters (e.g., !@#$) can be used, but are not required.

  • Spaces can be used, but are not required.

  • Will not expire, unless your account is compromised.

Check out this infographic for a unique look into creating a passphrase.

Learn how to change your university password here.