IQ Center Equipment

These pages contain information about the equipment that is available for use in the IQ Center. Some equipment lives permanently in a room that may be reserved, some equipment is in a shared space and some equipment is mobile. Check the page to see where it is located, as well as room descriptions and reservation information.


Prototypes are a preliminary interactive model of an idea built to test a concept or assumption or to act as something to be tested and learned from. The IQ Center houses a variety of 3D printers, a large capacity laser cutter, as well as 3D scanners, so faculty, staff, and students can create quick, large, and/or high­-resolution prototypes.


Microscopy is the technical field of using microscopes to view objects and areas of objects that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The IQ Center provides access to standard and advanced imaging instrumentation for users of all levels of experience and from any discipline.

Motion Capture

Motion capture is the recording of movement in 3D space. This technology has been adopted in applications such as animation and movie production and research projects in this laboratory include real-time dance education and interactive 3D games.


A wide array of digital camera equipment, including still and video cameras, is available for checkout by W&L faculty, staff, and students.

Items for Checkout

W&L students, faculty, and staff may check out IQ Center equipment. See what's available.