IQ Center Reservations

IQ Center Floorplan

NOTE: All microscopy reservations will now be made using 25Live due to SharePoint no longer being supported. 

Classroom spaces and instrumentation suites in the IQ Center may be reserved using either 25Live via the W&L Collaboration Portal under the "Departments and Programs" heading. Please note: students must be trained on microscopes and get instructor approval before reserving them.

Most of the spaces in the IQ Center are open after hours, however, instrumentation suites require a key card. If you require after-hours access, please let Dave Pfaff know ahead of time.

Classroom Spaces - (Reserve using 25 Live)

Room A202A - Stereo 3D Lab
Room A202D - Physical Mechanical Lab
Room P202E - Computer Visualization Lab

Instrumentation Suites - (Reserve using 25 Live)

Room P202B - Electron Microscopy Suite
Room P202C - Light Microscopy Suite
Room P202D - Confocal Microscopy
Room P202F - Fluorescence Microscopy