Welcome to the IQ Center

The Integrative and Quantitative (IQ) Center is a technology- and instrument-rich teaching and research suite that fosters cross-disciplinary and quantitative approaches to inspire creativity and problem-solving. This collaborative space, located on the second floor of the Telford Science Library, makes new technologies available to the entire campus, so that major and non-major students can fully develop their scientific curiosity, literacy, and creativity.

A state-of-the-art collaborative teaching and learning space that fosters interdisciplinary research

Featuring the latest technology and instruments, the IQ Center is devoted to data acquisition, computation, visual imaging, and innovative teaching methods. The IQ Center is divided into several spaces:


The entire university community has access to high-end technologies and professional expertise in the following areas:

A learner-centered, hands-on approach

The use of digital fabrication equipment, like 3D printers and laser cutters, provides a different perspective in the learning process, as students have control over building their own knowledge.

In the rich process of "making" (defining a problem; brainstorming, researching and generating ideas; identifying criteria and specifying constraints; developing a design proposal; making a model or prototype; testing and evaluating the design; refining the design; and communicating processes and results), students work in an environment that promotes design thinking, computational concepts, and collaboration, among other things.

Project-Based Learning: Explained

Student Projects Made in the IQ Center That Will Inspire You!

Curious how professors have incorporated use of IQ Center equipment into their courses? Want to see some of the amazing creations that students have made?

A place to play, build, and learn

Pedagogically, the IQ Center can help open new doors of opportunity by:

  • Allowing students to tackle an authentic challenge creates excitement
  • Enabling students to learn by doing when working on problems that have personal meaning
  • Focusing on the creative and inspiring aspects of the learning and sharing process throughout the completion of projects

Empowering students to problem-solve creatively, seek multiple answers, collaborate, and persevere through difficult processes are the foundation for the education of the future.

How Can We Help?

We are here to provide access to the tools and equipment, as well as the training to use them.

Contact Dave Pfaff at (540) 458-8044 to discuss how to make it happen.