Motion Capture

3d printed architectural model

The IQ Center houses a sophisticated motion tracking system for 3D tracking and modeling.

The OptiTrack 6 Flex 13 Camera Bundle includes 6 cameras, as well as two Optihubs that connect the cameras and the Motive: Tracker software. The Flex 13 camera has a 1.3 MP resolution, 56° field of vision, and captures at up to 120 FPS. It can process the following image types: object, segment, precision grayscale, MJPEG grayscale, and raw grayscale.

The software can capture up to 2,000 markers and solves parameters (flexibility, constraints, smoothing) quickly, all while calibrating the cameras, controlling/syncing the frames and aim, and managing data. The setup allows for precise motion capture, tracking, and modeling.

It is ideal for working in a 3D environment, as well as creating detailed 3D models of captured phenomena. Applications of the setup will include modeling for physics and engineering.

Interested in motion capture? Come talk to us about your project with these key questions in mind:

  • What is the motion you are trying to capture?
  • What range does this motion require?
  • What data/information do you need to get from the motion?
  • How will the data be presented or shared?