Getting Started with Live Well W&L

Ready to register for your Live Well W&L account? Visit and click "New User." All eligible new employees will receive an email from Live Well at W&L.  Need additional help?  See the Live Well W&L FAQ's page.

You will need to know your W&L ID to register. For employees, your Employee ID can be found in your Workday profile. If you have a spouse/domestic partner, they will also need their W&L ID number in order to activate their account. Here's how to find it:

  1. Go to MyApps and log in
  2. Click on Workday
  3. Click on your face in the upper right-hand corner and choose "View Profile"
  4. Click on "Benefits"
  5. Choose the "My Dependents" tab at the top
  6. Click on your spouse/domestic partner's name
  7. The "Dependent ID" is the number your spouse/partner will use to create the account.

If your spouse/domestic partner is not listed under Dependents, then do the following in Workday:

  1. Click on "Benefits"
  2. In the "Change" box, select "Dependents" ("Dependents" in Workday includes your spouse/domestic partner.)
  3. Click on "Add"
  4. First question: Is your new dependent already a beneficiary or emergency contact? If YES, then click on "If yes, which one?" and then click on the 3 horizontal blue bars -- Workday will show you a list of all your people.
  5. Click on the person in the Existing Contact list. This way Workday knows your spouse/partner is the same person listed elsewhere in your Workday account.
  6. If your spouse/partner is NOT already listed as a beneficiary or emergency contact, simply skip this question.
  7. For the "Effective Date & Reason" box, enter the date, and then choose "Add Dependent > Open Enrollment/Other"
  8. Fill out the rest of the form and click the orange "submit" button.