Retirement Benefits Checklist

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BenefitCan this continue after retirement?Helpful Contact Numbers and LinksExplanation
Health Insurance CONDITIONAL. Jason Bunn
Human Resources 540-458-8923
Infinisource COBRA Form(s)
Pre-65 Form(s) for Retiree, Spouse and Family
If an employee has ten or more years of service in a full-time benefit-eligible position, they may retire as early as age 591⁄2, and continue participation in the group health insurance plan (the University will continue to provide a 75% contribution to the employee and spouse/family health insurance premiums) until age 65, at which time Medicare coverage begins.

Assuming the employee meets the qualifications, the University’s retiree health benefit that is in effect at that time will then be available at age 65. Retiree health insurance benefits are determined by date of hire.

Social Security recipients and their spouses are eligible at age 65 for Medicare health insurance.
Dental Insurance / Vision Insurance NO. COBRA 18 months only. Jason Bunn
Human Resources 540-458-8923
Vision COBRA Rates, Pg. 8
Dental COBRA Rates, Pg. 9
You will receive information directly from Infinisource, our COBRA administrator, offering you the ability to continue coverage for up to 18 months at 102% of the entire premium.

You can also shop for Individual policies.
Group Life Insurance / Group Disability Insurance NO. Group Life Insurance and Group Disability Insurance coverage ends on your last day of employment.
Supplemental & Individual Life Insurance  Can convert to Individual Policies and be continued directly with the vendor. Tamika McCoy
Human Resources 540-458-4076
Flex Spending Accounts NO. COBRA only. Flexible Benefit Administrators
(800) 437-FLEX
Eligible Expense List
Your flex debit card will be deactivated on the last day of your employment. You have 90 days from your date of retirement to file for claims not paid for with your flex card.

You can COBRA your Flex Spending Account but it will not be tax benefitted. You will have to pay for it through after tax dollars.
Educational Grant YES. Treasurer’s Office Children of retired employees (who have 6 or more consecutive years immediately preceding retirement) will remain eligible for educational grant benefit.
Tuition Free Courses Course Audit YES. Policy & Application Procedure You have the same access to the tuition-free classes now offered to the University employees. You will be subject to the same guidelines and application procedures as an active employee.

You also have the option of auditing classes with the approval of the teaching faculty member.
W&L Email Address YES. Tamika McCoy
Human Resources 540-458-4076
IT Services
Retirees may still have access to their Washington and Lee University email account. Should you wish not to continue with your account, please notify HR and ITS.
Parking Pass YES. Public Safety
Parking Registration
Retirees are allowed to continue to obtain a valid University parking pass each year (July 1 – August 17) through the University’s Public Safety website or visit the Public Safety Office.
Use of Facilities YES. Your W&L ID Card will allow you maintain access to:
  • Admittance to the W&L gym facilities and Natatorium for both you and your spouse/partner
  • Access to unlimited fitness classes for $50 per year
  • Opportunity to attend lectures, movies and other cultural events
  • Tickets to shows at the Lenfest Center, seasonal athletic events and other University programs at the employee rate
  • Full use of the Leyburn Library and Law Library
Various Other Perks YES. Employee & Retiree Perks You will be able to continue to access the various discounts on local services, travel, entertainment and more.