Time Off

Combined Time Off

To provide flexibility CTO can be used for vacation, personal illness, doctor's appointments, and other personal reasons, including care of immediate family who are seriously ill and require care at home, or for children's doctors' appointments which cannot be scheduled outside of working hours.

Sick-Leave Reserve (SLR)

A sick leave reserve (SLR) is established for each full-time benefit-eligible staff or administrative employee. New hires receive a one-time allotment of 5 days in SLR.

Religious Holiday Observance

The diversity of people who make up our University community requires the recognition of and respect for different religious beliefs, including the celebration of religious holidays. While the operating needs of the department must be met, supervisors should make practical accommodations to work schedules for individuals who request time off in advance for religious holidays. If the time away from work for a religious holiday is approved, an employee may use accrued CTO time. Supervisors may also permit employees to take time off without pay or to rearrange work schedules during the week in which the holiday occurs to make up for missed work time.