Faculty Advising Information

The Basics

Further Details and Nuances

Advising Information

  • Abitur Program
    Link to the credits that will be considered for students that completed the Abitur Program in high school
  • Advising Ethics and Decisions
    An essay by Paula A. Landon on the guidelines set out by national organizations for ethical and effective advising

Advising Resources

    The Global Community for Academic Advising provides an array of resources on effective advising. Their clearinghouse may be particularly useful.
  • One-Page Primers
    Looking for quick resources on study abroad, struggling students, or other matters? This page provided by the provost can be useful.
  • Study Abroad
    Information on study aborad: opportunities, policies, and resources
  • University Calendar
    A link to all of the events going on across campus. Useful for students intent upon becoming active members of the W&L community.