Faculty Grants Support

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) assists faculty members in identifying and obtaining external grants and fellowships. CFR provides research for funding opportunities, assistance in developing proposals and budgets, electronic proposal submission, and reporting/closeout guidance for awarded projects. The Office also leads periodic grants-related training and information sessions designed to improve grantsmanship knowledge, and works with awardees to share knowledge of grants-funded projects with the W&L community. We are located in the Office of University Development, which can be found behind and between Leyburn Library and Parmly Hall, and welcome a call, email, or visit at your convenience.

Grants Opportunity Announcements

These timely Grants Opportunity Announcements will introduce you to useful resources that may support a project, individual research and/or faculty scholarship. Check this page frequently to see the latest announcements and deadlines for submissions, then contact the Corporate and Foundation Relations Office for questions and assistance.

Grants Administration

These guidelines are designed to assist faculty and staff in administering grants and contracts and managing projects.


KUDOS celebrates grants achievement among our colleagues. Check back frequently to see who has new funding for current or on-going grants work. Contact the identified faculty to say congratulations and learn more about a specific award. And, please contact the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations to learn more about finding grants resources and/or for assistance with your own grants development/submission.