Executive Committee of the Student Body President: James Torbert '23

The Honor System

The Honor System is the foundation from which we start our community at Washington & Lee and its administration is overseen by the Executive Committee of the Student Body. It has defined and shaped the students, alumni and faculty of this institution for well over a century. Here you can learn about the history, philosophy and procedure of the honor system, as well as public notices regarding recent cases.

Student Government

Student Self-Governance is a key aspect of Washington & Lee and is overseen by the Executive Committee. Here you can get a copy of the student body constitution; learn about current student body issues through the minutes of our weekly business meetings; view a list of current Executive Committee task forces; and obtain information about elections and the Voting Regulations Board.

Student Organization Resources

This page links to resources for student organizations on campus. It has the policies for official student body recognition, funding, and budgets.

2021-2022 Executive Committee

Learn about the current and former Executive Committee members who have given their time, energy and skill in order to represent and serve the student body.

If you have any questions, please contact EC president James Torbert at torbertj23@mail.wlu.edu.