A. Paul Knight Internship Program in Conservation

Interested in conservation and the environment?  Love the outdoors?  Apply to be a W&L Knight Intern in Conservation. The Knight Program is open to all W&L undergarduates of any major and includes housing and a stipend.  Knight Interns work for 10 weeks for one of three conservation organizations in Idaho. Those three organizations are:  The Henry's Fork Foundation (1 intern), Friends of Harriman State Park (1 intern), and The Nature Conservancy at Flat Ranch (2 interns).  The deadline for applications every year is January 27.

Please note that due to the inability of most of our interns to complete their internships in the summer of 2020 because of  COVID-19, there may be fewer spots available in 2021.  This information will be updated in November to give the final details about which internship locations are available to apply to for the summer of 2021.

Undergraduate Opportunities, Summer 2020

Friends of Harriman State Park

Island Park, Idaho

  • 2020 Internship cancelled due to COVID-19
  • 2019 Intern: Frances Conner ('20)
  • 2018 Intern: Jackson "Sam" Monroe ('21)
  • 2017 Intern: Blair Dewing ('17)
  • 2016 Intern: Mamie Smith ('18)
Henry's Fork Foundation

Ashton, Idaho

  • 2020 Intern: AJ Mabaka ('22) - done virtually due to COVID-19
  • 2019 Intern: Bella Fucigna ('21)
  • 2018 Intern: Drew Barnard ('19)
  • 2017 Intern: Sam Cochran ('18)
  • 2016 Intern: Reid Calhoun ('17)
  • 2015 Intern: Maya Epelbaum ('16)
  • 2014 Interns: Trevor Gordon ('15) and Blair Tynes ('15)
  • 2013 Interns: Elizabeth "Bess" Ruff ('13) and Robert "Will" Travis ('14)
  • 2012 Interns: Spencer Duran ('13) and Chase Douglas ('14)

The Nature Conservancy - Flat Ranch

Island Park, Idaho

  • 2020 Internship cancelled due to COVID-19
  • 2019 Intern: Christopher Watt ('21) and Nick Greenberg ('22)
  • 2018 Intern: William Orrell ('21) and Kurt Waibel ('19)
  • 2017 Intern: Julian Lima ('20) and Maverick Berglund ('19)
  • 2016 Intern: Samuel "Sam" Ross ('18) and Elizabeth "Liz" Todd ('19)
  • 2015 Intern: Alexandra "Alex" Jones ('16) and Maria Rachal ('18)
  • 2014 Intern: Leiding Taylor ('15)
  • 2013 Intern: Brian Morrison ('15)
  • 2012 Intern: James Freeman ('15)

Student Testimonies

Blair Tynes '15

The A. Paul Knight Internship was the best summer of my life. I had an unbelievable experience that I won’t soon forget. The opportunity to work with such a neat conservation organization such as the Henry’s Fork Foundation has opened my eyes to all different sorts of conservation techniques and really cool people.

Law Interns

  • 2020 Interns: Jack Andrade ('21L) and David Crosse ('21L)
  • 2019 Interns: Michael Robinson ('20L), Bapineedu (Bapi) Bikkani ('20L) and Benedetto Borgesano ('21L)
  • 2018 Interns: Elizabeth Nugent ('19L) and Brianna Pine ('20L)
  • 2017 Intern: Brian Quigley ('18L)
  • 2016 Interns: Bruce "Bo" Mahr ('17L) and Jessica "Jess" Winn ('17L)
  • 2015 Interns:William "Will" Simmerson ('17L) and William "Will" Flory ('16L)
  • 2014 Interns: Alison Leary ('15L) and Jamison Shabanowitz ('15L)
  • 2013 Interns: Cameron Tommey ('15L) and Terrence Austin ('15L)Funding

Funding for positions in environmental law is available separately through the A. Paul Knight Memorial Fellowship; Professor Brian Murchison coordinates the application and award process.

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