Environmental Studies

The Program in Environmental Studies, leading to either a BA or a minor, teaches students to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of the relationship between humans and the environment.  It requires an understanding of the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. The major has 6 elective tracks from which to choose:  1) Climate Change, 2) Conservation Biology, 3) Environmental Economics, 4) Environmental Humanities, 5) Sustainable Commerce, or 6) Water Resources.  A major could also propose a self-designed track.

The Program curriculum allows students to develop interdisciplinary expertise and an understanding of how insights from different disciplines complement each other.  Students develop a comprehensive understanding of the causes, consequences, and solutions to environmental problems. At the same time, the elective tracks also provide for a more focused look at a particular field within environmental studies. This is not only a unique academic experience, but also one that expands the students’ ability as citizens to be aware of the scientific, ethical, and policy issues they will face in their local communities, their professions and in their broader world community. 

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