Continuity of Operations Appendix G

Continuity of Operations

The University continuously evaluates its technology and systems, keeping in mind concerns regarding continuity of operations in the event of an emergency. In order to minimize disruption to business operations, including instruction for students, the University utilizes various available educational technologies and systems such as Canvas (a learning management system), Colleague (a student information system). and Workday (an enterprise resource planning system). The University has arrangements in place to protect each of its systems from vulnerabilities, to protect the privacy and security of the information maintained within each system, and to prevent loss or destruction of University information and data. These arrangements include ensuring that all systems are backed up on University servers and/or virtually in the cloud. All systems are "air gapped" and utilize appropriate administrative, physical, and technological safeguards to minimize any business disruption.

Please see the University's Information Security Program contains for additional relevant policies, information, and guidelines.


All University records, whether written or electronic, are maintained in accordance with the University's Document Retention and Disposition Policy. Student education records are also subject to the University's Student Education Records Policy. In the event of a discontinuance of University operations, the University will make appropriate arrangements to protect all University records in compliance with all applicable laws, which may include contracting with a third party service provider.

Program Discontinuance

The University's Refund Policy addresses refunds that will be issued to students in the normal course of business. In the event that the University is unable to deliver instruction for which a student has enrolled, the University will evaluate the situation, including the needs of the student, and take one or more of the following steps:

  • Provide or arrange for a reasonable alternative for delivering the instruction;
  • Provide a reasonable financial refund for the education that the student did not receive; and/or
  • Provide assistance for transferring any earned credits to another institution;

The University will work with impacted students to determine how best to proceed. In accordance with accreditation requirements, the University will submit a teach-out plan to the appropriate accreditation agency prior to its implementation.