The Trident

The Trident in black

The Trident, designed by student Thomas Greene (Tubby) Stone in 1904, is the University's primary athletics symbol. Originally designed as the monogram letter used for varsity athletes, the Trident should be used as a stand-alone symbol and should not be used to create new logos in which it is one element. It remains primarily the symbol of the University's athletic teams but is also used from time to time by the Alumni Association. The Trident should not be altered in any way, including the addition of type to the logo itself, and should always be printed in either the official University blue or black or reversed out of either the University blue or black.

The Trident should have a safe zone of at least a one-quarter of an inch on all sides.

Web Trident with border

Examples of a permissible reversal of the Trident are displayed below: