The Ruscio Center for Global Learning features a beautiful column-flanked atrium at its easternmost entrance. This spacious enclosure presents a warm and welcoming atmosphere with ample sunlight streaming in through the central skylight and numerous south-facing windows. A variety of seating options, from dining tables to booths and lounge furniture, allow for comfortable spaces to mingle, relax, study, and enjoy a delicious snack from the Tea House, the atrium's university-run cafe. Indoor and outdoor balconies overlooking the adjacent patio provide additional seating and views towards the Stemmons Plaza and Colonnade areas of campus.

In addition to food and comfort, the atrium also features a multi-screen video wall coupled with an advanced audiovisual control system that can display digital media from one or multiple sources, and incoporates microphones and cameras to enhance presentations or enable live web conferencing between the entire room and remote partners.

The atrium can be reserved for special events by members of the university community who review the information and rules found on our Reserving the Atrium page.