How to prepare your payables for the Business Office

  • Invoices
    • Write the account number and approval signature on the top sheet of the invoice.
    • Include any back-up information needed, such as an email approval from the department you are splitting costs.
    • No need to include a cover sheet. If there is not enough room, include a voucher as a cover page.
  • Disbursement Vouchers
    • Fill out a disbursement voucher for reimbursements.  Also use this form when paying an individual that does not have an invoice
    • Please include a detailed description or purpose of the purchase or the event
    • Include receipts as needed or other back-up

Remember to scan to yourself and others departments in addition to  If you do not receive the scan at your email, chances are the Business Office did not get it either.

Keep the copy until you see it processed in MyAccounts.

Tips on scanning items to Accounts Payable Inbox