2016 - 2017 Tuition Letter

March 8, 2016

Dear Parents and Family Members,

I am writing to inform you that the Board of Trustees approved the following tuition and fees for 2016-17:

  • Tuition: $47,280
  • Room: Single - $7,560, Double - $5,250
  • Board: $6,130
  • Student Activity Fee: $417
  • Student Technology Fee: $320
  • Student Health Fee: $250

Through the combination of philanthropy and tuition, we are making significant investments in the curricular and co-curricular opportunities available to students, while also investing in facilities and people to maintain and advance the excellence of our educational program.  Over the past five years, net tuition has decreased from 42.4% of total expenditures to 39.6%, while philanthropy (endowment payout and gifts) has increased from 38.5% to 46.3% of the budget.

Earlier this fall, the University celebrated the completion of its historic $542 million capital campaign, "Honor Our Past, Build Our Future."  The funds raised through the campaign contributed to the expansion of interdisciplinary offerings, increased opportunities for students to engage in research and experiential learning, and both new and renovated facilities such as the Colonnade, IQ Center, Center for Global Learning and natatorium (to open spring 2017).  In addition, the campaign secured over $150 million for new endowment in support of student grants and scholarships.

Finally, the Annual Fund grew to more than $10 million in annual support during the campaign, increasing the amount of unrestricted support for every student on campus by almost 30% to $4,450.  All of these investments increase the value proposition of the Washington and Lee experience.  These fundraising efforts recognize that that cost of a quality programs cannot strictly rest with parents but must be borne by the institution and its alumni and friends.

Quality education is an investment, not a commodity, and W&L is committed to providing a liberal arts education of the highest quality.  This commitment relies upon the continued support of the institution and the dedication of alumni and parents.  I understand and appreciate the level of sacrifice that you make on behalf of your sons an daughters, and this is why we continue to strive to enhance the long-term value of a Washington and Lee education.

Steven G. McAllister
Treasurer and Vice President for Finance