Meet Our Staff 2022 - 2023


Bill Oliver

Bill Oliver, Ph.D.

University of Virginia

Professional Consultants

Nina Salmon

Nina Salmon, Ph.D.

Virginia Tech

William Shaw

William Shaw

B.A. English Language and Literature, Oxford University

Judy Strang

Judy Strang, M.A.

William and Mary

Sherri Tombarge

Sherri Tombarge, M.A.

Virginia Tech

Peer Consultants

Carter Chandler

Carter Chandler '23, Head Peer Consultant

Majors: Philosophy, Cognitive and Behavioral Science

Anna Blackburn

Anna Blackburn '23

Major: English

Savannah Corey

Savannah Corey '23

Majors: Business Administration and English

Harper Darden

Harper Darden '23

Major: Politics

Minor: Biology

Lily Mott

Lily Mott '23

Majors: Politics, Journalism

Minor: Poverty and Human Capability Studies

Simona Radeva

Simona Radeva '23

Major: Journalism

Minor: Digital Culture and Information, French

Sellers Smith

Sellers Smith '23

Major: Biology

Jonah Sohn

Jonah Sohn '23

Major: Business Administration

Minors: Poverty and Human Capability Studies, Data Science

Natalie Spangler

Natalie Spangler '23

Major: English

Minors: Mathematics, Education Policy

Owen Stickney

Owen Stickney '23

Major: Politics

Minor: Law, Justice and Society

Alex Vaught

Alex Vaught '23

Majors: Business Administration, Cognitive and Behavioral Science

Olivia Berntson

Olivia Berntson '24

Majors: English, Chemistry

Emmersen Hampton Weinberg

Emmersen Hampton Weinberg '24

Major: Sociology

Avery Lynch

Avery Lynch '24

Majors: Business Administration, Politics

Minor: Law, Justice and Society

Shauna Muckle

Shauna Muckle '24

Major: Journalism

Clara Ortwein

Clara Ortwein '24

Major: Environmental Studies

Minor: Creative Writing

Kamron Spivey

Kamron Spivey '24

Major: History

Minors: Classics, Poverty Studies and Human Capabilities

Drew Thompson

Drew Thompson '25

Majors: Economics, History