Taylor Walle Associate Professor of English

Taylor Walle

Washington Hall 108


BA, English, Washington and Lee University
MSt, Women's Studies, University of Oxford, Kellogg College
PhD, English, University of California, Los Angeles


18th- and early 19th-century British literature; orality and literacy; literature by women; women's and gender studies


ENGL 413 - Senior Research and Writing: "Adaptation, Homage, and Literary Fan Culture"
ENGL 394 - Topics in Literature in English since 1900: Between the Acts: The Life and Writing of Virginia Woolf
ENGL 393 - Topics in Literature in English from 1700-1900: The Mad, Bad Women of the Eighteenth Century
ENGL 335 - 18th-Century Novels: Jane Austen: Radical Jane: The Politics of Class, Gender, and Race in Austen's "Polite" Fiction
ENGL 299 - Seminar for Prospective Majors: Weeping Men and Fainting Women: Gender and Emotion in 18th-Century Lit
ENGL 294 - Topics in World Literature in English: Jane in the Modern World
ENGL 292 - Topics in British Literature: Literature of the British Slave Trade, 1688-2016
ENGL 292 - Topics in British Literature: A Monstrous Creation: Frankenstein and its Intertexts
ENGL 292 - Topics in British Literature: Mary Shelley's Monster: Two Hundred Years of Frankenstein
ENGL 292 - Topics in British Literature: All About Eve
ENGL 254 - I Heart Jane: Austen's Fan Cultures and Afterlives
ENGL 232 - The Novel: Frantic and Sickly, Idle and Extravagant: The Gothic Novel from 1764 to 1979
WRIT 100 - Writing Seminar for First-Years: Monsters Among Us
WGSS 220 - Twenty-First-Century Feminism

Selected Publications

“Fenn, Ellenor née Frere (1744–1813),” Routledge Research Companion to Romantic Women Writers, ed. Ann Hawkins, Leigh Bonds, and Cathy Blackwell, Routledge, 2022, pp. 224-31.

“Boswell’s Dictionary and the Status of Scots Dialect in the Eighteenth Century,” Studies in English Literature 60:3 (Summer 2020): 485–506.

Review of Strange Vernaculars: How Eighteenth-Century Slang, Cant, Provincial Languages, and Nautical Jargon Became English by Janet Sorensen. Eighteenth-Century Fiction 31:3 (Spring 2019): 613–615.

“‘These Gentlemens Ill Treatment of our Mother Tongue’: Female Grammarians and the Promotion of the Vernacular.” Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature 36:1 (Spring 2017): 17–43.

“‘He looked quite red’: Persuasion and Austen’s New Man of Feeling.” Eighteenth-Century Fiction 29:1 (Fall 2016): 45–66.