Kelly Douma '16

Why did you decide to minor in WGSS?

I decided to minor in WGSS in the beginning of my junior year of college. It was right around the time I came to the realization that I did not want to pursue a legal career and instead started to think seriously about graduate school. Dr. Brock really helped me to realize the existing gaps in early modern women and gender history and I found myself drawn to feminist theorizing and methodology as an approach to historical studies. 

Do you find that your preparation in WGSS helped you do what you are doing now?

It definitely has helped me. Having the WGSS minor on my resume arguably helped me get into my current program because Penn State values its dual-title programs and the history department specifically lauds itself on having students that do interdisciplinary work. As for specific classes, having a base knowledge of feminist theory eased my transition into one department which is not as theoretically grounded and another which required an advanced theory course.

Any advice for current students?

My advice is to not worry about whether WGSS will seemingly fit into your existing majors or fields of study, because the critical thinking and compassion you learn in the required courses are helpful to any career path.