Cassandra Lewis '11

Cassandra and her fiance, also a W&L grad

What are you up to now?

I am the operations manager in Washington DC for a hospitality start up called Sonder. Sonder is in the "blitz-scale" growth phase and has raised over 160M. It’s a very exciting place to be and I'm so grateful for the opportunity. Prior to starting at Sonder 6 months ago, I completed my MBA from Harvard. Before that, I was in management consulting in DC.

Why did you decide to minor in WGSS?

I found the classes interesting and thought it was a responsible choice as a woman who cares about other women. 

Do you find that your preparation in WGSS helped you do what you are doing now?

I am passionate about women negotiating fair and equal compensation. I have mentored younger women on the topic. I believe a lot of this stems back to a specific class at WLU during which I learned that the gender wage gap is largely attributable to the fact that most women do not negotiate salary and other benefits - especially for their first job. In 2011 - I felt lucky just to get an offer - my friends thought I was crazy for negotiating and not accepting right away. It took courage and has paid off!