Student Spotlights

Our Graduates

Cate Peabody '19

"It is my responsibility to voice my opinions and push both myself and others to be their best selves. Fitting in to the W&L mold didn't let me do that, instead, it is standing out that does."

Julie Ruth Malone '18

“The mentors, friends, and role models that I found through WGSS have affected me profoundly and will continue to do so for years to come.”

Caleigh Wells '17

"The minor … taught me more than the role of gender and sexuality in philosophy and history and politics ... it taught me their roles in being a person in everyday life. Talk about a liberal arts education."

Elena Diller '17

“WGSS prepared me to critically think not only about gender cross-culturally and on both macro and microscopic scales, but it also has helped me better understand other concepts like race, religion and even mass incarceration.”

Kelly Douma '16

“My advice is to not worry about whether WGSS will seemingly fit into your existing majors or fields of study, because the critical thinking and compassion you learn in the required courses are helpful to any career path.”

Gillian Krafft '12

“Don't let the culture of W&L sway you away from what you're passionate about. It can be hard to talk about the tough issues.”

Cassandra Lewis '11

“I found the classes interesting and thought it was a responsible choice as a woman who cares about other women.”

Regina Mills '09

“In the world we live in today, there is no more important area of study than one that builds compassion, encourages actions that move our society towards justice, develops a sense of responsible skepticism and critical thinking, and even more importantly, emboldens us to imagine what to other feels impossible.”

Jessica Good '06

“Learn as much as you can about gender, sexuality, social identity, cultural variation, and don't discard it as irrelevant to whatever profession you choose to pursue. That learning will be vital to the way you think about your life and move through the world around you.”