Culture and Education

At WLUR, we strive to bridge the gap between the Washington and Lee campus and the local community through the use of educational and creative programs that showcase the best that both the university and community have to offer. Through our Culture and Education programming, local residents can benefit from the creativity of W&L students and faculty, and the students can learn more about Lexington's unique culture.

Equal Time

On Equal Time, Brian Murchison and Andrea Hilton discuss politics, campus and community issues, and the arts with a wide range of guests.

Radio IQ

WLUR airs the best of the BBC, NPR and PRI on Radio IQ through a partnership with WVTF.


Join longtime Lexington resident and award-winning journalist Doug Chase as he visits with a guest from the local community.

Radio IE

Hosted by W&L Professor Laurent Boetsch, Radio IE is WLUR's weekly program devoted to international education at Washington and Lee.

2016 Mock Convention

Download the archived broadcasts from WLUR's coverage of Washington and Lee's 2016 Republican Mock Convention.