WLUR Annual Awards

WLUR presents annual awards to recognize the contributions of student staff, disc jockeys, and sports broadcasters.

The Robert J. de Maria Award, named for retired journalism professor and 1977-2001 station manager Bob de Maria, is presented to the senior with the most outstanding contributions to the success of WLUR during his or her tenure with the station. It was known as the WLUR Exceptional Staff Award until 2011-12.

The Douglas J. Harwood Award for Music Programming is named for Doug Harwood '74, whose Saturday night show "The Anti-Headache Machine" has been a fixture of the WLUR schedule for nearly 50 years. It is presented to a student who consistently produces excellent and diverse music programs on WLUR during the academic year.

The Doug Chase Award for Sports Broadcasting, named for longtime Washington and Lee sports announcer Doug Chase '74, is presented to a student for his or her contributions to the quality of W&L athletics coverage through broadcasting and production.

The General Manager's Service Award is presented to a student for contributions that have improved the overall station environment and the quality of programming on WLUR.

Below are the past winners of these awards.


Robert J. de Maria Award: Lilly Mitchell '21

Douglas J. Harwood Award: Emma Stoffel '21

Doug Chase Award: Crawford Humphreys '22

General Manager's Service Award: Jackson Cleghorn '21


Robert J. de Maria Award: Ben Greer '20

Douglas J. Harwood Award: John Harashinski '20

Doug Chase Award: Kaitlyn Brock '20

General Manager's Service Award: Jackson Cleghorn '21, Tash Gengler '22, Lilly Mitchell '21, & Tiffani Thomason '22


Robert J. de Maria Award: Jeremy Abcug '19 & Adit Ahmed '19

Douglas J. Harwood Award: Jake Sirota '19

Doug Chase Award: Ben Greer '20

General Manager's Service Award: Lilly Mitchell '21


Robert J. de Maria Award: Matthew Rickert '18

Douglas J. Harwood Award: Taylor Lee '18

Doug Chase Award: Justin Hart '18

General Manager's Service Award: Elly Cosgrove '19


Robert J. de Maria Award: Austin Frank '17 & Shaun Soman '17

Douglas J. Harwood Award: Peyton Bryant '17 & Katie Pettit '17

Doug Chase Award: Mac Trammell '17

General Manager's Service Award: Jeremy Abcug '19 & Adit Ahmed '19


Robert J. de Maria Award: Trevin Ivory '16

Douglas J. Harwood Award: Michael Robinson '17

Doug Chase Award: Meaghan Latella '16

General Manager's Service Award: Bailey Russell '16 & Katie Wildes '16


Robert J. de Maria Award: Will Bartlett '15, Micah Fleet '15, & Sarah Scaffidi '15

Douglas J. Harwood Award: T.J. Fisher '15

Doug Chase Award: Ben Atnipp '15 & Nick Peacher '15

General Manager's Service Award: Austin Frank '17


Robert J. de Maria Award: Will Fulwider '14 & Logan Nardo '14

Douglas J. Harwood Award: Todd Smith-Schoenwalder '14 & Tom Wolff '14

Doug Chase Award: Shawn Swaney '14

General Manager's Service Award: Sarah Scaffidi '15


Robert J. de Maria Award: Jake Pelton '13

Douglas J. Harwood Award: Jack Burks '13

Doug Chase Award: Will Bartlett '15 & Micah Fleet '15

General Manager's Service Award: Derek Barisas '13


Robert J. de Maria Award: Katie Shelor '12

Douglas J. Harwood Award: Nico Gioioso '12

Doug Chase Award: Lee Tackett '12

General Manager's Service Award: Robbie Day '12


WLUR Exceptional Staff Award: Justine Griffin-Churchill '11

Music Programming Award: Dave Curran '11 & Mike Shiplet '11

Sports Broadcasting Award: Katie Shelor '12

WLUR Service Award: Scott Matarese '11


WLUR Exceptional Staff Award: Clara McClenon '10, Michael Morella '10, & Jim Plantholt '10

Music Programming Award: Mary Ann Gancer '10 & Jessica Huss '10

Sports Broadcasting Award: Crighton Allen '10

WLUR Service Award: Justine Griffin-Churchill '11


WLUR Exceptional Staff Award: Michael Morella '10

Music Programming Award: David Doobin '09 & Rob George '09

Sports Broadcasting Award: Jacob Geiger '09

WLUR Service Award: Jim Plantholt '10


WLUR Exceptional Staff Award: Andy McEnroe '08

Music Programming Award: Andrew Ackell '08 & Will Ackell '10

Sports Broadcasting Award: Neil Sheaffer '08 & Will Waller '08

WLUR Service Award: Lauren Travis '08