Waiving FDR-FL

All W&L undergraduates must demonstrate mastery of intermediate language skills other than English in order to meet the Foundation requirement in language. Speakers of languages taught at Washington and Lee may satisfy the language requirement according to departmental policies. For speakers of languages not taught at Washington and Lee, students may arrange to take a placement exam through the Global Discovery Laboratories (GDL). Students should contact Prof. Dick Kuettner, Director of the GDL, at kuettnerd@wlu.edu in Fall term of their first year to arrange for a placement examination.   

Petition for Waiver

Students may submit their placement exam results and petition the Committee on Courses and Degrees, chaired by the Dean of the College for a waiver of the FDR FL requirement. The process for submitting a student petition is detailed on the Courses and Degrees Committee page (http://go.wlu.edu/CD).