Honorary Degrees 1842 to Present

Summary of Honorary Degrees Given

Honorary DoctorateTotal Given
Doctor of Arts 1
Doctor of Commercial Science 13
Doctor of Divinity 209
Doctor of Fine Arts 6
Doctor of Humane Letters 23
Doctor of Laws 271
Doctor of Letters 104
Doctor of Literature 2
Doctor of Science 39
Total 668

List of Honorary Degrees Given

DateNameDegreeIncluded in Count
5/23/2019 DeLaney, Theodore C., III Doctor of Letters
5/10/2019 Stevenson, Bryan A. Doctor of Laws
5/24/2018 Agosín, Marjorie Doctor of Humane Letters
5/24/2018 Beckley, Harlan R.  Doctor of Humane Letters
5/26/2016 Vaughan, Robert C., III Doctor of Humane Letters
5/28/2015 Holton, Anne Doctor of Laws
5/28/2015 Cobb, James C. Doctor of Humane Letters
5/22/2014 Pelling, Christopher Doctor of Letters
5/22/2014 Aprille, June Remboldt Doctor of Science
5/22/2014 Durkin, Kelsey Helen Presidential Degree, awarded posthumously
5/10/2014 Gass, Lara D Presidential Degree, awarded posthumously
5/23/2013 White, Pamela J. Doctor of Laws
5/24/2012 Rees, James C., IV Doctor of Humane Letters
5/24/2012 Silverman, Mervyn F. Doctor of Science
5/27/2010 Yu, Pauline Doctor of Humane Letters
5/27/2010 Sinskey, Robert M. Doctor of Science
1/19/2010 Wood, Gordon S. Doctor of Humane Letters
1/19/2010 Butler, Frederick Edward Robin Doctor of Laws
6/4/2009 Johnson, Charles Richard Doctor of Humane Letters
6/4/2009 Jones, Alexander Susong Doctor of Humane Letters
6/4/2009 Tifft, Susan Elizabeth Doctor of Humane Letters
5/9/2009 Phillips, Nicholas Addison Doctor of Laws
6/1/2006 Morris, Joella Doctor of Humane Letters
6/1/2006 Morris, Stewart Doctor of Humane Letters
6/1/2006 Tatum, Beverly Daniel Doctor of Letters
5/13/2006 Shepherd, Nancy H. Doctor of Laws
5/13/2006 Shepherd, Thomas R. Doctor of Laws
6/2/2005 Warner, John William, III Doctor of Humane Letters
6/3/2004 Lenfest, H. F. (Gerry) Doctor of Humane Letters
6/3/2004 Lenfest, Marguerite Doctor of Humane Letters
6/6/2002 Brack, Reginald Doctor of Letters
6/6/2002 Elrod, Mimi Cobb Milner Doctor of Letters
6/6/2002 Hotchkiss, Farris Pierson Doctor of Letters
6/7/2001 Cooper, Elizabeth Helen Doctor of Letters
6/7/2001 Derrick, Homer Edwin, Jr. Doctor of Letters
6/7/2001 Edlich, Theodore J., III Doctor of Letters
6/1/2000 Fishwick, John Palmer Doctor of Letters
6/1/2000 Rivlin, Alice Mitchell Doctor of Letters
6/1/2000 Gray, Jeffrey Doctor of Science
5/14/2000 Hill, Oliver White Doctor of Laws
6/3/1999 Lacy, Elizabeth Bermingham Doctor of Laws
6/3/1999 Brand, Edward Cabell Doctor of Letters
6/3/1999 Dove, Rita Frances Doctor of Letters
6/3/1999 Lee, Peter James Doctor of Letters
5/16/1999 Rehnquist, William H. Doctor of Laws
5/16/1999 Steinheimer, Roy Lee, Jr. Doctor of Laws
1/19/1999 Bok, Derek Doctor of Laws
8/24/1998 Wisdom, John Minor Doctor of Laws
6/4/1998 Fox, Carol Spaulding Doctor of Letters
6/4/1998 Fox, Joseph Carter Doctor of Letters
6/4/1998 Sullivan, Walter F. Doctor of Letters
5/17/1998 Scannell, Honoria Josephine Yvonne Doctor of Laws
6/5/1997 Doniger, Wendy Doctor of Letters
6/5/1997 Goodwin, George Evans, Jr. Doctor of Letters
6/5/1997 McCardell, John Malcolm, Jr. Doctor of Letters
5/11/1997 Wise, Sherwood Willing Doctor of Laws
6/6/1996 Franklin, John Hope Doctor of Letters
6/6/1996 Wilson, John Delane Doctor of Letters
6/6/1996 Livesay, James Jinkins Doctor of Science
6/1/1995 Hoffman, Henry William Doctor of Letters
6/1/1995 Head, James William, III Doctor of Science
6/2/1994 Kemp, Evan Jennings, Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/2/1994 Lugar, Richard Green Doctor of Laws
6/3/1993 Twombly, Cy Doctor of Fine Arts
6/3/1993 Broaddus, J. Alfred Doctor of Laws
6/3/1993 Williams, Ernest, II Doctor of Laws
6/4/1992 Bond, Victoria E. Doctor of Fine Arts
6/4/1992 Olin, James Randolph Doctor of Laws
6/4/1992 Brownlee, Paula Pimlott Doctor of Letters
6/6/1991 Duchossois, Richard L. Doctor of Laws
6/6/1991 Shaw, Leander J., Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/6/1991 Price, Reynolds Doctor of Letters
6/6/1991 Spencer, Samuel R., Jr. Doctor of Letters
6/7/1990 Fenhagen, James Corner Doctor of Divinity
6/7/1990 Gray, Elmon Taylor Doctor of Laws
6/7/1990 Hirst, Omer Lee Doctor of Laws
6/7/1990 Merhige, Robert Reynold, Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/1/1989 Campbell, Edmund D. Doctor of Laws
6/1/1989 Batten, Frank Doctor of Letters
6/1/1989 Campbell, Elizabeth Pfohl Doctor of Letters
6/1/1989 McClung, O. Hunter Doctor of Science
6/2/1988 Bates, Leon Doctor of Fine Arts
6/2/1988 Miller, Paul F., Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/2/1988 Labro, Philippe C. Doctor of Letters
6/4/1987 Cawkwell, George Law Doctor of Humane Letters
6/4/1987 Hancock, John W., Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/4/1987 Perry, Frederick J. Doctor of Laws
6/5/1986 Robb, Lynda Johnson Doctor of Humane Letters
6/5/1986 Robb, Charles Spittal Doctor of Laws
6/5/1986 Spong, William Belser, Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/5/1986 Goldstein, Joseph Leonard Doctor of Science
6/6/1985 Williams, Hazel O'Dell Doctor of Humane Letters
6/6/1985 Hill, Harold Nelson, Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/6/1985 Woodward, C. Vann Doctor of Letters
6/6/1985 Craddock, George Barksdale Doctor of Science
5/31/1984 Bassett, Edward Powers Doctor of Laws
5/31/1984 Huntley, Robert Edward Royall Doctor of Laws
5/31/1984 Mosbacher, Robert Adam Doctor of Laws
6/2/1983 Cheek, Leslie, Jr. Doctor of Fine Arts
6/2/1983 Cheek, Mary Tyler Freeman Doctor of Humane Letters
6/2/1983 Stephenson, Roscoe Bolar, Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/2/1983 Pusey, William Webb, III Doctor of Letters
6/3/1982 Tucker, Everett, Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/3/1982 Paterson, Katherine Womeldorf Doctor of Letters
6/3/1982 Vaughan, Edwin Darracott, Jr. Doctor of Science
6/4/1981 Brock, William Emerson, III Doctor of Laws
6/4/1981 Wachtler, Sol Doctor of Laws
6/4/1981 Sanders, Irwin Taylor Doctor of Letters
6/5/1980 Korry, Edward M. Doctor of Laws
6/5/1980 Latture, Rupert Nelson Doctor of Laws
6/5/1980 Morris, Edwin Alexander Doctor of Laws
6/5/1980 Becker, Ernest Lovell Doctor of Science
6/7/1979 Parmly, Ruth Doctor of Humane Letters
6/7/1979 Watlington, John Francis, Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/7/1979 Maguire, John David Doctor of Letters
6/7/1979 Lyons, Harry Doctor of Science
6/1/1978 Butler, M. Caldwell Doctor of Laws
6/1/1978 Fey, John T. Doctor of Laws
6/1/1978 Witt, Robert Richard Doctor of Laws
6/1/1978 Taylor, Peter Hillsman Doctor of Letters
6/1/1978 Turner, Henry A., Jr. Doctor of Letters
5/26/1977 Coleman, Almand Rouse Doctor of Laws
5/26/1977 Perry, Marvin Banks, Jr. Doctor of Laws
5/26/1977 Widener, Hiram Emory, Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/3/1976 Armstrong, Anne Doctor of Laws
6/3/1976 Booth, Augustus Lea Doctor of Laws
6/3/1976 Irby, Richard Logan Doctor of Laws
6/3/1976 Mudd, Roger Harrison Doctor of Letters
6/3/1976 Nemerov, Howard Doctor of Letters
5/29/1975 Compton, Asbury Christian Doctor of Laws
5/29/1975 McDowell, Charles Rice, Jr. Doctor of Letters
5/29/1975 Marshall, Victor F. Doctor of Science
5/30/1974 Harman, Alexander Marrs, Jr. Doctor of Laws
5/30/1974 Leyburn, James Graham Doctor of Letters
5/30/1974 Paxton, Robert Owen Doctor of Letters
5/30/1974 Wolfe, Thomas Kennerly, Jr. Doctor of Letters
5/31/1973 Keller, Christoph, Jr. Doctor of Divinity
5/31/1973 Cook, Fielder Doctor of Fine Arts
5/31/1973 Penick, Mary Monroe Doctor of Fine Arts
6/1/1972 Towill, John Bell Doctor of Laws
6/1/1972 White, Robert M., II Doctor of Laws
6/1/1972 Worner, Lloyd Edson Doctor of Laws
6/1/1972 Welty, Eudora Doctor of Letters
6/4/1971 Holland, Jerome Heartwell Doctor of Laws
6/4/1971 Holton, Linwood Doctor of Laws
6/4/1971 Hyde, Edwin Doctor of Laws
6/4/1971 Blain, Daniel Doctor of Science
6/5/1970 Godwin, Mills E., Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/5/1970 Hoffman, Walter Edward Doctor of Laws
6/5/1970 Pogue, Forrest Carlisle Doctor of Letters
6/6/1969 Gilliam, Frank Johnson Doctor of Laws
6/6/1969 White, Luther Wesley, III Doctor of Laws
6/6/1969 Geldard, Frank Arthur Doctor of Science
6/6/1969 Smith, Lloyd Hollingsworth, Jr. Doctor of Science
6/6/1969 Williams, Robert H. Doctor of Science
6/7/1968 Cole, Fred Carrington Doctor of Laws
6/7/1968 Vinson, Fred M., Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/7/1968 Willett, Henry I. Doctor of Laws
6/7/1968 Brooks, Cleanth Doctor of Letters
6/2/1967 Armistead, Moss William Doctor of Laws
6/2/1967 Clay, Lucius C. Doctor of Laws
6/2/1967 Hall, Wilbur C. Doctor of Laws
6/2/1967 Oates, Whitney J. Doctor of Letters
6/3/1966 Morison, Hugh Graham Doctor of Laws
6/3/1966 Philpott, Harry Melvin Doctor of Laws
6/3/1966 Williams, Charles Marvin Doctor of Laws
6/4/1965 Norman, William Clarence Doctor of Laws
6/4/1965 Paxton, Matthew White Doctor of Laws
6/4/1965 Thomsen, Richard Porter Doctor of Laws
6/4/1965 Link, Arthur Stanley Doctor of Letters
6/5/1964 MacCorkle, Stuart Alexander Doctor of Laws
6/5/1964 Roy, Andrew Tod Doctor of Laws
6/5/1964 Wright, Louis Booker Doctor of Laws
6/5/1964 Raines, Samuel Lucas Doctor of Science
6/7/1963 Garber, Paul Neff Doctor of Divinity
6/7/1963 Gaines, Francis Pendleton Doctor of Laws
6/7/1963 Rawlins, Benjamin Lewis Doctor of Laws
6/7/1963 Sprouse, Philip Dodson Doctor of Laws
6/7/1963 Clark, Thomas Dionysius Doctor of Letters
6/8/1962 Milburn, William Stanford Doctor of Laws
6/8/1962 Powers, Robert Davis, Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/8/1962 Shell, George Richard Edwin Doctor of Laws
6/8/1962 Smith, Robert Chester Doctor of Laws
6/2/1961 Bruce, David K. E. Doctor of Laws
6/2/1961 Saunders, Stuart Thomas Doctor of Laws
6/3/1960 Martin, William McChesney, Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/3/1960 Powell, Lewis Franklin, Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/3/1960 Green, Fletcher Melvin Doctor of Letters
6/5/1959 Crist, John Letcher Doctor of Commercial Science
6/5/1959 Lowry, Charles Wesley Doctor of Divinity
6/5/1959 Burks, Martin Parks, III Doctor of Laws
6/5/1959 Shannon, Edgar Finley, Jr. Doctor of Letters
6/6/1958 Malone, Rosser Lynn, Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/6/1958 Tucker, John Hellums, Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/6/1958 Robert, Joseph Clarke Doctor of Letters
6/6/1958 Craig, Robert Glenn Doctor of Science
2/7/1958 Adams, Theodore Floyd Doctor of Divinity
2/7/1958 Toynbee, Arnold Joseph Doctor of Humane Letters
6/7/1957 Shepperson, Archibald Bolling Doctor of Letters
6/7/1957 Dunn, Melville Irvine Doctor of Science
6/8/1956 Drye, John Wilson, Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/8/1956 Tucker, Robert H. Doctor of Laws
6/8/1956 Whiteside, Mabel Kate Doctor of Letters
6/8/1956 Forbus, Wiley Davis Doctor of Science
6/4/1954 Barrett, Thomas Van Braam Doctor of Divinity
6/4/1954 Montgomery, James Nelson Doctor of Divinity
6/5/1953 Hyatt, Alton Rufus Doctor of Laws
6/6/1952 Whittle, Kennon Caithness Doctor of Laws
6/6/1952 Catledge, Turner Doctor of Letters
6/8/1951 Fishburne, Charles Cochran, Jr. Doctor of Divinity
6/8/1951 Lynes, Benjamin Obadiah Doctor of Divinity
6/8/1951 Lewis, Frank Bell Doctor of Laws
6/9/1950 Adams, Nicholson Barney Doctor of Letters
6/18/1949 Junkin, Marion Montague Doctor of Arts
6/18/1949 Thompson, William Taliaferro Doctor of Divinity
6/18/1949 Byrnes, James Francis Doctor of Laws
6/18/1949 Darden, Colgate Whitehead Doctor of Laws
6/18/1949 Marshall, Richard Jacquelin Doctor of Laws
6/18/1949 McCain, Arthur Williamson Doctor of Laws
6/18/1949 Robertson, A. Willis Doctor of Laws
6/18/1949 Tuck, William Munford Doctor of Laws
6/18/1949 Sugrue, Thomas Joseph Doctor of Letters
6/18/1949 Harvey, Abner McGehee Doctor of Science
5/11/1949 Buchanan, Archibald C. Doctor of Laws
5/11/1949 Eggleston, John William Doctor of Laws
5/11/1949 Fisher, Jake Doctor of Laws
5/11/1949 Gregory, Herbert Bailey Doctor of Laws
5/11/1949 Ribble, Frederick Deane Goodwin Doctor of Laws
5/11/1949 Staples, Abram Penn Doctor of Laws
5/11/1949 Vanderbilt, Arthur T. Doctor of Laws
4/12/1949 Juhan, Frank Alexander Doctor of Divinity
4/12/1949 Boas, George Doctor of Laws
4/12/1949 Cantril, Hadley Doctor of Laws
4/12/1949 Dodds, Harold Willis Doctor of Laws
4/12/1949 Pierson, William Whatley Doctor of Laws
4/12/1949 Zimmermann, Erich Walter Doctor of Laws
4/12/1949 Bard, Philip Doctor of Letters
4/12/1949 Fife, Robert Herndon Doctor of Letters
4/12/1949 Hesseltine, William Best Doctor of Letters
4/12/1949 Beams, Jesse Wakefield Doctor of Science
4/12/1949 Broders, Albert Compton Doctor of Science
4/12/1949 Ewing, William Maurice Doctor of Science
4/12/1949 Whyburn, Gordon Thomas Doctor of Science
6/4/1948 Pressly, William Laurens Doctor of Letters
4/12/1948 Wice, David Herschell Doctor of Divinity
4/12/1948 DeVane, William Clyde Doctor of Humane Letters
4/12/1948 Davidson, Donald Grady Doctor of Letters
4/12/1948 Holmes, Urban Tigner, Jr. Doctor of Letters
4/12/1948 Randall, James Garfield Doctor of Letters
4/12/1948 Sydnor, Charles Sackett Doctor of Letters
4/12/1948 Taylor, Charles Holt Doctor of Letters
4/12/1948 Trueblood, David Elton Doctor of Letters
2/21/1948 Urey, Harold Clayton Doctor of Science
6/6/1947 Lee, Rev. Lenoir Valentine Doctor of Divinity
6/6/1947 Stroup, Rev. Russell Cartwright Doctor of Divinity
6/6/1947 duPont, Jessie Ball Doctor of Humane Letters
6/6/1947 Vinson, Fred M. Doctor of Laws
6/6/1947 Abernethy, Thomas Perkins Doctor of Letters
6/1/1946 McMurray, Rev. Louis Armistead Doctor of Divinity
6/1/1946 Howe, James Lewis Doctor of Science
4/29/1944 Bethea, Rev. James Edwin Doctor of Divinity
4/29/1944 Converse, Paul Dulaney Doctor of Laws
4/29/1944 Riddick, Walter Garrett Doctor of Laws
5/19/1943 Stone, Gaylord Joseph Doctor of Commercial Science
5/19/1943 Craighill, Rev. Lloyd Rutherford Doctor of Divinity
5/19/1943 Hunt, George R. Doctor of Laws
5/19/1943 Osborn, Frederick H. Doctor of Laws
1/24/1943 Snyder, Charles Philip Doctor of Laws
5/26/1942 Patton, Rev. James Lindsay Doctor of Divinity
5/26/1942 Green, Edward Luther Doctor of Letters
5/26/1942 Hamilton, Joseph Gregoire de Roulhac Doctor of Letters
5/26/1942 Humphreys, William Jackson Doctor of Science
6/6/1941 Fishburn, Junius Blair Doctor of Commercial Science
6/6/1941 Bear, Rev. James Edwin Doctor of Divinity
6/6/1941 Evans, Rev. Theodore Hubbard Doctor of Divinity
6/6/1941 Faulkner, Charles James, Jr. Doctor of Laws
6/6/1941 Allan, Doctor William Doctor of Science
6/7/1940 Rolston, Rev. Holmes Doctor of Divinity
6/7/1940 Wright, Rev. Thomas Henry Doctor of Divinity
6/7/1940 Gammon, Edgar Graham Doctor of Laws
6/9/1939 Coffey, Rev. Harry Scott Doctor of Divinity
6/9/1939 Kilbourne, General Charles Evans Doctor of Laws
6/9/1939 Pendleton, Colonel Hunter Doctor of Laws
6/9/1939 Lind, Samuel Colville Doctor of Science
6/9/1939 Mallory, Colonel Francis Doctor of Science
6/10/1938 Fleece, George Allen Doctor of Divinity
6/10/1938 McClure, Matthew Thompson Doctor of Letters
6/11/1937 Patterson, Craig Houston Doctor of Divinity
6/11/1937 Bell, James Brian, Jr. Doctor of Letters
6/12/1936 Fishburn, Junius Parker Doctor of Commercial Science
6/12/1936 Fawthrop, Rev. Thomas William Doctor of Divinity
6/12/1936 Thompson, Rev. LeRoy Doctor of Divinity
6/12/1936 Thom, William Taylor, Jr. Doctor of Science
6/7/1935 Huffman, Oscar Caperton Doctor of Commercial Science
6/7/1935 Wickham, Henry Taylor Doctor of Laws
6/7/1935 Nevins, Allen Doctor of Letters
6/5/1934 Morris, Effingham Buckley Doctor of Commercial Science
6/5/1934 Armstrong, Rev. Oscar Vance Doctor of Divinity
6/5/1934 Bennett, Rev. Reginald Victor Doctor of Divinity
6/5/1934 Green, Rev. Charles Sylvester Doctor of Divinity
6/5/1934 Clark, Bennett Champ Doctor of Laws
6/5/1934 Loftin, Scott Marion Doctor of Laws
6/5/1934 Mahaffie, Charles Delahunt Doctor of Laws
6/6/1933 Foreman, Rev. Kenneth Joseph Doctor of Divinity
6/6/1933 Osburn, Rev. Herbert Stabler Doctor of Divinity
6/6/1933 Symonds, Rev. Francis Campbell Doctor of Divinity
6/6/1933 Groner, Judge Duncan Lawrence Doctor of Laws
6/6/1933 Morgan, John Hill Doctor of Laws
6/6/1933 Stamp, Sir Joseph Charles Doctor of Laws
6/6/1933 Thompson, Ernest Trice Doctor of Letters
6/6/1933 Anderson, Douglas Smith Doctor of Science
6/6/1933 Newcomb, John Lloyd Doctor of Science
6/7/1932 Firebaugh, Rev. Robert McElwee Doctor of Divinity
6/7/1932 Gwathmey, Rev. Devall Langhorne Doctor of Divinity
6/7/1932 Miller, Rev. William McElwee Doctor of Divinity
6/7/1932 Pollard, Governor John Garland Doctor of Laws
6/7/1932 Watres, Hon. Louis Arthur Doctor of Laws
6/7/1932 Fitzpatrick, John Clement Doctor of Letters
6/7/1932 Hume, Colonel Edgar Erskine Doctor of Science
6/9/1931 Reed, William Thomas Doctor of Commercial Science
6/9/1931 Franks, Rev. Vincent Chesley Doctor of Divinity
6/9/1931 Lejeune, General John Archer Doctor of Laws
6/9/1931 Lowden, Frank Orren Doctor of Laws
6/9/1931 Pew, Merlen Edwin Doctor of Laws
6/9/1931 Rutledge, Archibald Doctor of Literature
6/3/1930 Ferguson, Homer Lenoir Doctor of Commercial Science
6/3/1930 Martin, Rev. Glenn Gordon Doctor of Divinity
6/3/1930 Miles, Rev. Robert Whitfield Doctor of Divinity
6/3/1930 Tunstall, Robert Baylor Doctor of Laws
6/3/1930 Glasgow, Arthur Graham Doctor of Science
6/4/1929 Hodges, LeRoy Doctor of Commercial Science
6/4/1929 Larrick, Rev. Asa Richard Doctor of Divinity
6/4/1929 Randolph, Rev. Oscar deWolfe Doctor of Divinity
6/4/1929 Sydenstricker, Rev. Hubert Doctor of Divinity
6/4/1929 Cocke, William Horner Doctor of Laws
6/4/1929 Holt, Henry Winston Doctor of Laws
6/4/1929 Perkins, William Robertson Doctor of Laws
6/5/1928 Byrd, Hon. Harry Flood Doctor of Commercial Science
6/5/1928 Blain, Rev. Cary Randolph Doctor of Divinity
6/5/1928 Gilmer, Rev. Graham Doctor of Divinity
6/5/1928 Hanzsche, Rev. William Thomson Doctor of Divinity
6/5/1928 Rivière, Rev. William Thurmond Doctor of Divinity
6/5/1928 Fitzpatrick, Herbert Ferrell Doctor of Laws
6/5/1928 Latané, John Holladay Doctor of Laws
6/7/1927 Memminger, Rev. Willis Wilkinson Doctor of Divinity
6/7/1927 Murray, Rev. Joseph James Doctor of Divinity
6/7/1927 Littleton, Martin Wilie Doctor of Laws
1926 MacCluer, Rev. Donald William McDowell Doctor of Divinity
1926 McNeill, Rev. Charles Chamberlin Doctor of Divinity
1926 Smith, Rev. Edward Everett Doctor of Divinity
1926 Hughes, Robert Morton Doctor of Laws
1926 Payne, John Barton Doctor of Laws
1925 Davis, W. E. Doctor of Divinity
1925 Gibson, Churchill J. Doctor of Divinity
1925 Williams, Twyman Doctor of Divinity
1925 Glass, Edward Christian Doctor of Laws
1925 Lee, James Melvin Doctor of Letters
1925 Wauchope, George A. Doctor of Letters
1924 Arrowood, William Waddell Doctor of Divinity
1924 Gresham, LeRoy Doctor of Divinity
1924 Lapsley, Robert Alberti, Jr. Doctor of Divinity
1924 McDowell, Rt.-Rev. William G. Doctor of Divinity
1924 Cohen, John Sanford Doctor of Laws
1924 Andrews, Matthew Page Doctor of Letters
1924 Dumble, Edward Theodore Doctor of Science
1923 Claudy, John William Doctor of Divinity
1923 Day, John Henry Doctor of Divinity
1923 Irwin, Leonidas Willson Doctor of Divinity
1923 Junkin, Daniel Penick Doctor of Divinity
1923 Harvey, Thomas H. Doctor of Laws
1923 Kelly, Joseph Luther Doctor of Laws
1923 Gordon, Armistead Churchill Doctor of Letters
1922 Hundley, John Thomas Trible Doctor of Divinity
1922 Thompson, William McQuown Doctor of Divinity
1922 Nichols, General E. W. Doctor of Laws
1922 Valentine, Edward Virginius Doctor of Laws
1921 Pratt, Harry Waddell Doctor of Divinity
1921 White, William Chester Doctor of Divinity
1921 Davis, Westmoreland Doctor of Laws
1921 Fenner, Charles Payne Doctor of Laws
1921 Glass, Carter Doctor of Laws
1920 Glasgow, Samuel M. Doctor of Divinity
1920 Massy, J. B. Doctor of Divinity
1920 McClure, James A. Doctor of Divinity
1920 Pendleton, William Gibson Doctor of Divinity
1920 Burks, Judge Martin P. Doctor of Laws
1920 Hogue, Addison Doctor of Letters
1919 Freeman, Douglas Southall Doctor of Laws
1918 McLaughlin, Henry W. Doctor of Divinity
1918 Myers, Charles F. Doctor of Divinity
1918 Shaw, Wilfred Weaver Doctor of Divinity
1918 Flood, Henry D. Doctor of Laws
1918 Glasgow, William A. Doctor of Laws
1918 Webb, William A. Doctor of Laws
1917 Randolph, Isham Doctor of Commercial Science
1917 Stribling, Charles R. Doctor of Divinity
1917 Wells, John M. Doctor of Divinity
1917 Colston, Edward D. Doctor of Laws
1917 Crooks, Charles G. Doctor of Laws
1917 Eggleston, Joseph D. Doctor of Laws
1917 Addison, Walter E. Doctor of Letters
1916 Johnson, L. E. Doctor of Commercial Science
1916 Kruttschnitt, Julius Doctor of Commercial Science
1916 Ancell, Benjamin L. Doctor of Divinity
1916 White, Hugh W. Doctor of Divinity
1916 Anderson, Henry W. Doctor of Laws
1916 Baker, Newton D. Doctor of Laws
1916 Grasty, Charles H. Doctor of Letters
1915 Booker, J. E. Doctor of Divinity
1915 Jett, Rt. Rev. Robert Carter Doctor of Divinity
1915 McMurray, J. A. Doctor of Divinity
1915 Dabney, Charles William Doctor of Laws
1915 Davis, John William Doctor of Laws
1915 Vance, William Reynolds Doctor of Laws
1914 Blain, J. Mercer Doctor of Divinity
1914 Rolston, Holmes Doctor of Divinity
1914 Smith, W. D. Doctor of Divinity
1914 Humphreys, Milton W. Doctor of Laws
1914 Daniels, Josephus Doctor of Letters
1913 Bell, Wilbur Cosby Doctor of Divinity
1913 Patterson, Brown Craig Doctor of Divinity
1913 Denny, George Hutcheson Doctor of Laws
1913 Junkin, Francis T. A. Doctor of Laws
1913 Thom, Alfred P. Doctor of Laws
1913 Alexander, Charles Beattie Doctor of Letters
1913 Lyle, Duncan Campbell Doctor of Letters
1912 Myers, Harry White Doctor of Divinity
1912 Ashley, Thomas A. Doctor of Laws
1912 Plegar, Archer A. Doctor of Laws
1912 Bradford, Gamaliel Doctor of Letters
1912 Hunt, Gaillard Doctor of Letters
1911 Bachman, Jonathan W. Doctor of Divinity
1911 D'Aubigne, Merle Doctor of Divinity
1911 Hammond, William Soule Doctor of Divinity
1911 Lee, Henry Bedinger Doctor of Divinity
1911 Graves, Charles Alfred Doctor of Laws
1911 Lamar, Joseph Rucker Doctor of Laws
1911 Bryan, John Stewart Doctor of Letters
1910 Clark, William Mead Doctor of Divinity
1910 Graham, Henry Tucker Doctor of Divinity
1910 Lewis, Harry Bertram Doctor of Divinity
1910 Leyburn, Edward R. Doctor of Divinity
1910 Chamberlain, George Earle Doctor of Laws
1910 Hensel, William Uhler Doctor of Laws
1909 Gilmour, Abram David Pollock Doctor of Divinity
1909 Meade, Everard Doctor of Divinity
1909 Sydenstricker, Absalom Doctor of Divinity
1909 Ellis, Wade Hampton Doctor of Laws
1909 Parker, George Frederick Doctor of Laws
1909 Calhoun, John Caldwell Doctor of Letters
1908 Denny, Collins Doctor of Divinity
1908 Downhan, John Yates Doctor of Divinity
1908 Bruce, Philip Alexander Doctor of Laws
1908 Owen, Robert Latham Doctor of Laws
1908 Williams, John Langhorne Doctor of Letters
1907 Bryan, Joseph Doctor of Laws
1907 Glenn, John M. Doctor of Laws
1907 Mabie, Hamilton Wright Doctor of Laws
1907 MacCorkle, William A. Doctor of Laws
1907 Moreland, Sidney Turner Doctor of Laws
1906 Anderson, D. L. Doctor of Divinity
1906 Elliott, Archdeacon Doctor of Divinity
1906 Massie, R. K. Doctor of Divinity
1906 Bruce, Helm Doctor of Laws
1906 Carmack, Edward W. Doctor of Laws
1906 Kelly, Howard A. Doctor of Laws
1906 Matheson, Kenneth G. Doctor of Laws
1906 Nelson, Alexander Lockhart Doctor of Laws
1906 Page, Thomas Nelson (2nd of 2) Doctor of Laws
1906 Sledd, Benjamin Doctor of Letters
1906 Villard, Oswald Garrison Doctor of Letters
1905 Green, Berryman Doctor of Divinity
1905 McCormick, Robert S. Doctor of Laws
1905 Pleasants, W. H. Doctor of Laws
1905 Straus, Isodor Doctor of Laws
1904 Gravatt, Rt. Rev. W. L. Doctor of Divinity
1904 Lewis, Frank W. Doctor of Divinity
1904 Price, W. T. Doctor of Divinity
1904 White, W. McC. Doctor of Divinity
1904 Ayres, Brown Doctor of Laws
1904 Blackford, L. M. Doctor of Laws
1904 Welsh, Herbert Doctor of Laws
1903 Kinsolving, A. B. Doctor of Divinity
1903 McFaden, F. T. Doctor of Divinity
1903 Morrison, W. M. Doctor of Divinity
1903 Blackwell, Robert E. Doctor of Laws
1903 Peabody, George Foster Doctor of Laws
1903 Shepard, Edward M. Doctor of Laws
1902 Hall, Lyman Doctor of Laws
1902 Keith, James Doctor of Laws
1900 Draper, Gen. W. F. Doctor of Laws
1900 Prather, W. L. Doctor of Laws
1900 Somerville, Thomas H. Doctor of Laws
1899 See, Charles S. M. Doctor of Divinity
1899 Henderson, Lt. Col. F. G. R. Doctor of Laws
1899 Lindsay, John S. Doctor of Laws
1899 Randolph, Harrison Doctor of Laws
1898 Alexander, William McFaddin Doctor of Divinity
1898 Wilson, Goodridge A. Doctor of Divinity
1898 Kruttschnitt, E. B. Doctor of Laws
1898 Strauss, Oscar Doctor of Laws
1897 Brooke, F. J. Doctor of Divinity
1897 Carson, T. M. Doctor of Divinity
1897 Page, Frank Doctor of Divinity
1897 Craighill, General W. P. Doctor of Laws
1897 Harrison, James A. Doctor of Laws
1896 Blain, Daniel Doctor of Divinity
1896 Chamberlain, John Doctor of Divinity
1896 Newton, Rt. Rev. John B. Doctor of Divinity
1896 Winchester, Rt. Rev. James R. Doctor of Divinity
1896 Hamlin, Charles S. Doctor of Laws
1896 Lindsay, William Doctor of Laws
1895 Jones, Carter Helm Doctor of Divinity
1895 McCorkle, E. W. Doctor of Divinity
1895 Sproull, Alexander W. Doctor of Divinity
1894 Jones, William Strother Doctor of Divinity
1894 Lloyd, J. J. Doctor of Divinity
1894 Menzel, Paul L. Doctor of Divinity
1894 Vanderslice, George C. Doctor of Divinity
1894 Barbour, L. G. Doctor of Laws
1894 Mills, Roger Q. Doctor of Laws
1894 Fortier, Alcee Doctor of Letters
1893 Beale, G. W. Doctor of Divinity
1893 Cocke, A. R. Doctor of Divinity
1893 Logan, Mercer P. Doctor of Divinity
1893 McGill, John Doctor of Divinity
1893 Ray, G. H. Doctor of Divinity
1893 Shipp, General Scott Doctor of Laws
1893 Taylor, Hannis Doctor of Laws
1893 Ammen, S. Z. Doctor of Letters
1892 Cackley, Rev. A. M. Doctor of Divinity
1892 Fleming, Rev. R. H. Doctor of Divinity
1892 Hundley, Rev. J. H. Doctor of Divinity
1892 Moore, Rev. S. S. Doctor of Divinity
1892 Preston, Rev. J. A. Doctor of Divinity
1892 Jackson, Rev. Samuel MacCaullay Doctor of Laws
1892 Peterkin, Rt. Rev. George W. Doctor of Laws
1892 Robertson, Judge William J. Doctor of Laws
1890 Pendleton, Edmund Doctor of Laws
1889 Alison, Rev. Alexander Doctor of Divinity
1889 Finley, Rev. G. W. Doctor of Divinity
1889 Kern, Rev. J. A. Doctor of Divinity
1889 McPheeters, Rev. W. M. Doctor of Divinity
1889 Renouf, Rev. E. A. Doctor of Divinity
1889 Marsh, Samuel Doctor of Laws
1889 Waddell, Joseph Addison Doctor of Laws
1889 Allen, E. A. Doctor of Letters
1889 Dillard, James H. Doctor of Letters
1889 Thom, William Taylor Doctor of Letters
1889 Jackson, T. M. Doctor of Science
1888 Campbell, Rev. W. A. Doctor of Divinity
1888 Dargan, Rev. E. C. Doctor of Divinity
1888 Lambeth, Rev. S. S. Doctor of Divinity
1888 Rosebro, Rev. J. W. Doctor of Divinity
1888 Suter, Rev. Henderson Doctor of Divinity
1888 Gilmore, J. H. Doctor of Laws
1888 Henry, William Wirt Doctor of Laws
1888 McAusland, W. T. Doctor of Laws
1888 Watts, Robert Doctor of Laws
1887 Gardner, J. S. Doctor of Divinity
1887 Grammer, James Doctor of Divinity
1887 Ker, Robert P. Doctor of Divinity
1887 Sampey, J. R. Doctor of Divinity
1887 McClure, A. K. Doctor of Laws
1887 Page, Thomas Nelson (1st of 2) Doctor of Letters
1886 Brown, Samuel Doctor of Divinity
1886 Dixon, A. C. Doctor of Divinity
1886 Waugh, J. H. Doctor of Divinity
1886 Armstrong, George D. Doctor of Laws
1886 Hoge, Moses D. Doctor of Laws
1886 Markham, Clements R. Doctor of Laws
1885 Landrum, W. W. Doctor of Divinity
1885 Leonard, W. A. Doctor of Divinity
1885 Rankin, D. M. Doctor of Divinity
1885 Strider, John P. Doctor of Divinity
1885 Waddell, James A. Doctor of Divinity
1885 Wade, W. A. Doctor of Divinity
1885 Burks, E. C. Doctor of Laws
1885 Hall, John Doctor of Laws
1885 Rust, Lawrence Doctor of Laws
1885 Wilson, Rt. Rev. A. W. Doctor of Laws
1884 Latimer, James T. Doctor of Divinity
1884 Randolph, Rt. Rev. A. M. Doctor of Laws
1883 Carlisle, John G. Doctor of Laws
1883 Daniel, John W. Doctor of Laws
1883 Peck, Thomas E. Doctor of Laws
1883 Blair, Walter Doctor of Letters
1883 Romondt, Charles R. Van Doctor of Letters
1883 Shipp, Col. Scott Doctor of Letters
1882 Dwight, Henry E. Doctor of Divinity
1882 Hayne, Paul H. Doctor of Laws
1882 Ould, Judge Robert Doctor of Laws
1882 Cable, George W. Doctor of Letters
1882 Lafferty, John J. Doctor of Letters
1881 Everett, Thomas T. Doctor of Divinity
1881 Shanks, David W. Doctor of Divinity
1881 Lamar, L. O. C. Doctor of Laws
1881 Preston, Col. J. T. L. Doctor of Laws
1881 James, G. Watson Doctor of Letters
1881 Massie, Rodes Doctor of Letters
1880 Armstrong, J. G. Doctor of Divinity
1880 Lacy, Matthew L. Doctor of Divinity
1880 Scott, James Doctor of Divinity
1880 Welsh, John Doctor of Laws
1880 Bradford, Vincent L. Doctor of Literature
1879 Lee, Frederick George Doctor of Divinity
1879 Wallace, Robert M. Doctor of Divinity
1879 White, Henry M. Doctor of Divinity
1879 Gowen, Franklin B. Doctor of Laws
1878 Bowman, John R. Doctor of Divinity
1878 Eaton, T. T. Doctor of Divinity
1878 Nelson, Kinloch Doctor of Divinity
1878 Peterkin, Rt. Rev. George W. Doctor of Divinity
1878 Strickler, G. B. Doctor of Divinity
1878 Beresford-Hope, Alexander J. Doctor of Laws
1878 McCulloch, R. S. Doctor of Laws
1877 Davis, Richard T. Doctor of Divinity
1877 Pollock, A. D. Doctor of Divinity
1877 Lea, James Neilson Doctor of Laws
1877 Sheffey, Hugh W. Doctor of Laws
1876 Bouldin, Wood Doctor of Laws
1876 Mackay, Charles Doctor of Laws
1875 Coe, W. G. Doctor of Divinity
1875 Stewart, Kensey J. Doctor of Divinity
1875 Vaughan, C. R. Doctor of Divinity
1875 Wharton, M. B. Doctor of Divinity
1875 Johnston, William Preston Doctor of Laws
1875 O'Conor, Charles Doctor of Laws
1874 Jones, J. William Doctor of Divinity
1874 Junkin, William F. Doctor of Divinity
1874 Kinnear, John Doctor of Divinity
1874 Leftwich, James T. Doctor of Divinity
1874 Mason, Richard R. Doctor of Divinity
1874 McKim, R. H. Doctor of Divinity
1874 Rodgers, Samuel Doctor of Divinity
1874 Bradford, Vincent L. Doctor of Laws
1874 Capen, Nahum Doctor of Laws
1874 Ruffner, William Henry Doctor of Laws
1873 Cottrell, Joseph Doctor of Divinity
1873 Harris, H. Herbert Doctor of Divinity
1873 Houston, Samuel R. Doctor of Divinity
1873 Percival, John Doctor of Divinity
1873 Pratt, John W. Doctor of Divinity
1873 Benjamin, Judah P. Doctor of Laws
1873 Campbell, John A. Doctor of Laws
1872 McAusland, Alexander Doctor of Divinity
1872 Preston, Thomas L. Doctor of Divinity
1872 Joynes, William T. Doctor of Laws
1872 Moncure, Richard C. L. Doctor of Laws
1872 At the meeting of June 26-27, 1872, the board took the following actions:
  • That it is deemed inexpedient to take any action, looking to the adoption of a special policy in conferring honorary degrees. The Faculty, however, are invited to make, from time to time, such nominations as they may judge suitable, under the restrictions presented in their report.
  • Prof I. L. Kirkpatrick, present by invitation, was called upon to put the Board more fully in possession of the views & wishes of the Faculty with regard to the granting of Hon. degrees. After Prof. K. has addressed the Board at some length & had retired, the Board discussed very fully the whole question and then in motion agreed to confer the following degrees...
1867 At this point in the records, a gap occurs in the awarding of honorary degrees. It is unlikely that honorary degrees were awarded during this period. The Board, several times during the interim, debated the awarding of honorary degrees.
1866 Estill, Harry Master of Arts
1866 Morrison, H. Ruffner Master of Arts
1866 Reily, John William Master of Arts
1866 Wilson, William M. Master of Arts
1865 Harris, Carter Master of Arts
1865 White, James J. Master of Arts
1860 Davidson, C. Baker Master of Arts
1859 Ramsay, James B. Doctor of Divinity
1859 Brooks, William H. Master of Arts
1859 Hayslett, Andrew J. Master of Arts
1859 Houston, David G. Master of Arts
1859 Laird, David E. Master of Arts
1859 Moore, Jonathan H. Master of Arts
1859 Moseley, Bennet W. Master of Arts
1857 Atkinson, John M. P. Doctor of Divinity
1856 Bocock, John H. Doctor of Divinity
1854 Hopkins, Arthur Doctor of Laws
1854 Leigh, William Doctor of Laws
1854 Thompson, Lucas P. Doctor of Laws
1853 Grammar, John Doctor of Divinity
1852 Armstrong, Richard Doctor of Divinity
1852 Grier, J. Calvin Doctor of Divinity
1852 Harrison, Elias Doctor of Divinity
1852 Staunton, M. L. Doctor of Divinity
1851 Brockenbrough, John W. Doctor of Laws
1851 Minor, John B. Doctor of Laws
1850 Brown, James Moore Doctor of Divinity
1849 Ruffner, Henry Doctor of Laws
1847 Pressly, Ebenezer Doctor of Divinity
1847 Williamson, Samuel Doctor of Divinity
1843 Hendren, John Doctor of Divinity
1843 Herron, Andrew Doctor of Divinity
1843 McElhenny, John Doctor of Divinity
1842 Preston, William C. Doctor of Laws