Our Services


W&L provides international notarizing services for students or alumni.

Class Ranks

Posting of class ranks by ventiles, quartiles, and tertiles at the end of a particular term

Course Scheduling and Classrooms

policies and procedures for scheduling or requesting an academic classroom space, including the standard course block schedule

Loan Deferment Processing

Students request a deferment form from their lender and return the completed form to the University Registrar's office. We submit it to the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC).


Students receive their real diplomas at commencement. A replacement diploma may be requested.

DMV Proof of Residency

W&L provides proof of residency for students applying to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles


FERPA policy, W&L directory information, and advice to students and family


Students may request an electronic or print copy of their academic course history as an official transcript.