Variable Credit Courses Some courses allow for the student to choose the number of credits for the course

For variable credit courses, in Student Planning, you can see the variable credit in the 'Course Catalog'.

Choose the credits that relate the term you are picking - normally variable credit courses are 3 credits in fall and winter terms and 4 credits in spring term.  Variable credit applied music classes are 1 or 2 credits in fall or winter terms, so you can pick the correct amount of credits and plan for the term.

If you pick the 'wrong' amount of credits, when you pick the section to plan, it will load the appropriate amount of credits. There may be a discrepancy between your planned totals in different screens, but that is not too critical.

If you get a variable credit error, then remove that course from your plan and add the course and section back to your plan with the proper number of credits chosen from the start.