Registration Overrides Paper Process for Registration Stops

Use the paper Registration Override form for the following transactions:

Time Conflict: Approval to register into a course with a meeting pattern that conflicts with another. The strategy would be to register online for the most important course so you don't lose the seat, and then get the paper override form to approve the registration into the second course. Sample error message: DCI 101-01 - Introduction to Digital Culture and Information conflicts in meeting time with a section you're already registered in for this academic period (POL 246-03 - Post-Communism and New Democracies).

Closed Course: Approval to register into course that is currently closed despite the current course capacity. Requires both the instructor and department head approval. When registering for courses from a saved schedule, the system will automatically waitlist you if the course is full. The system will identify the sections that you were registered into vs. the ones in which you were waitlisted. That message reads: There are courses that you were waitlisted in. Review your waitlisted registrations so that you can take appropriate action.

Co-requisite Exception: Approval to add a course without the required co-requisite course or lab. Requires department head approval. Workday will not allow registration for just one of the co-requisites attached to a given section. 

Retake Override: You may be stopped from retaking a course if you've already repeated the course once or if you've reached the course retake cap set by each department or program. Department head and instructor approval is required. Sample error message: You can't register for this course because you've already reached the number of allowed attempts for this course. Please note that the system will not notify you of a retake issue until a registration attempt has been made.

Approvals for prerequisite overrides and instructor consent may be made by requesting a Course Section Prerequisite Override in the Academics app in Workday. However, override permissions require a paper form (no online process).

Completed registration override forms should be brought to the University Registrar's office during regular business hours for processing. The University Registrar's Office will manually register you for the course section listed on the form given all approvals have been received.

Students are responsible for meeting all registration deadlines - late submissions will not be accepted.