Prerequisite or Registration Restriction for a Course

Workday will not allow you to register into a section for which you are missing the course prerequisite or do not meet the registration restrictions (e.g. class year restrictions or major restrictions).

Only the instructor can override a missing prerequisite or registration restriction. In such cases, you must request a Course Section Prerequisite Override to be granted eligibility to register into the class.

  • Prerequisite information (including registration restrictions) may be accessed via the W&L Course Offerings report in Workday.
  • Registration for a section for which you have requested permission to enroll is prohibited until consent is obtained from the faculty member via an approved Course Section Prerequisite Override.  Please note that the faculty member may approve, deny, or send back your request for more information.
  • You will receive a notification in Workday when the faculty member acts on your request.
  • NOTE: Faculty approval does not register you into a section. You may receive approval, but it does not guarantee a seat if the section closes.