PE Course Registration

All students must register, through Student Planning course registration, for their Physical Education classes - just like they would any other academic course.

  • Students are encouraged to register into a full-time course load first, so that a PE class does not cause a conflict with another academic course.
  • Class of 2019 students, can only register into and complete four 100- or 200-level PE classes, after which they can not add additional PEs. Classes prior to 2019 can take up to 6 PE classes.
  • Varsity athletes are responsible to register for their varsity sport during the registration deadlines set for the term. To add the varsity sport after their term of team participation requires a petition to the Faculty Executive Committee and a $200 late fee.
  • Seniors should never leave their final PE requirement to spring term their senior year. Many spring term courses can not allow for concurrent scheduling into a PE class.