Holds That Will Keep You From Registering Posted notifications on your Workday Academics dashboard will inform you of holds that may stop you from registering

Check and clear any office HOLDS that will prevent you from registering:

  • During the week prior to registration, notifications will begin to show up that indicate you have a hold that may stop you from registering on your Academic dashboard in Workday.
  • If you have an active administrative-office hold, that office must clear it before you are able to continue with the registration process. Clear this hold by contacting the administrative office that posted the hold and be sure that the notification is gone (the hold cleared) prior to registration.
  • Continuing Student Registration Onboarding holds require a series of steps to acknowledge registration responsibilities prior to registration. To remove this hold, please complete all steps for Continuing Student Registration Onboarding.
  • Adviser holds for authorization to register must be removed prior to registration.  Having adviser authorization does not override an administrative office hold.