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Questions Regarding Registration

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Please contact the University Registrar's office if you have any questions or concerns regarding registration for courses. It is helpful to see screen shots or error messages. You may stop by the office in Early-Fielding or contact us at the information below.

Office phone: 540-458-8455
Office location: 3 Lee Avenue, Early-Fielding Building. Open M-F 8:30a.m. - 4:30p.m. (except until 3:30 on Thursday.)

Technical Assistance

For technical assistance with your Self Service Student Planning account (e.g. passwords, cookies, server errors, timeouts, etc.), please contact the ITS Information HELP DESK at:

Location: Leyburn Library Information Desk
Phone: 540-458-HELP (4357)

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Be sure to LOGOUT of Self Service and Student Planning rather than just closing your web browser. If not logged out properly, you can cause lots of problems - including freezing your account if you open another session of Student Planning, slowing the speed of using Student Planning, putting too many cookies on your computer which stops Student Planning activity, and compromising the security of your account.