Registering for Co-Requisite Courses

Definition of Co-requisite: Two courses that you must be registered for at the same time. This is common for science lecture sections and their lab component.

  • You must register for both the main course and the co-requisite course at the same time during course registration.
  • The exception to this is during Pick One registration when you must register first for the lecture portion and then separately for the lab section (see details at Pick One with Lab)
  • There are times when it is fine to override this course requirement (for example, you may decide to take BIOL 220 without the co-requisite BIOL 221 lab). Exceptions may be made by using the paper Registration Override form and obtaining consent from the appropriate department head. Turn the form into the University Registrar's office within normal registration deadlines.

The section information indicates a co-requisite requirement.

Error message if you don't register for the co-requisite course at the same time:

Once you have added both corequisite sections onto your plan for a term, use the 'Register Now' button to add both the lecture and lab sections at the same time.