Adviser Authorization Obtaining Adviser Authorization for Registration

All students must meet with their currently assigned adviser prior to registration, and only the adviser can remove the advising hold to allow you to register. If you have two declared majors, only one major adviser authorization is needed. Minor advisers cannot authorize you for registration.

Do not wait until your initial registration appointment window opens to contact your adviser. Schedule an appointment with your adviser well in advance of your registration window. Respect your adviser's deadlines and requirements for authorizing you for registration and don't leave this to the last minute. Although only one adviser authorization is required for registration, students with multiple advisers are encouraged to meet with all of their advisers prior to registration to receive appropriate guidance for the upcoming term.

You may check that adviser authorization has been given by looking for the "Full Registration - Adviser Hold" on your Workday Academics dashboard. If the hold is still visible, your adviser has not removed it. Once the hold is removed, the hold notification on your dashboard disappears.

If you don't have authorization when your registration window opens, you will not have the "Start Registration" button. Any and all holds must be resolved prior to registering for classes.