Registration Help for Parents

Parents: Help your student prepare for registration

  • Ask your student, "Have you scheduled an appointment with your adviser and reviewed your Student Planning 'My Progress' to check over degree requirements?"
  • "Have you cleared any holds on your record?" 
  • "Have you reviewed the instructions and timeline?"
  • "Have you chosen appropriate courses and back-up courses?"
  • "Have you explored the course offering list for topical or unusual course offerings to make sure you don't miss an opportunity?"
  • "Have you worked out the schedule to make sure the courses don't overlap?"
  • "Have you checked and met the prerequisites, course restrictions, or instructor consent required for each course?" (catalog, W&L course list, etc.)
  • "If you need instructor consent or a waiver of a prerequisite, have you asked the professor to enter consent in Self-Service and can you see it on your Student Planning 'Petitions' tab?"
  • "Have you taken those steps for your back-up courses, too?"
  • "Does your set of planned courses include a variety of course choices?"

Other than during First-Year Orientation, the registration typically starts at 10:00 p.m. for Pick One and 7:30 a.m. for Pick Three for the entire group of students in a particular class year. Remind your student to set his or her alarm and don't sleep through the window. Don't stop until s/he has at least 12 credits and typically 13-15. Get on waitlists right away. Write to those professors explaining an interest. Keep a sharp eye on her/his W&L email, so a chance to claim an open seat is not missed. Keep the adviser in the loop.

Parents: Help your student cope during registration

  • Talk to your student and find out the specific problem. They were reminded to clear holds, meet with advisers, and seek various permissions in advance.
  • If the problem is technical or computer-related, the Leyburn Information Desk (540-458-HELP - 4357) may be helpful.
  • If the course is closed, student should use Student Planning registration to get on waitlists (however; prerequisites or instructor consent may be required.)
  • Suggest that your student bring the faculty adviser(s) into the loop.
    1. Adviser should suggest a course of action
    2. If necessary, talk to instructor(s) in person, by phone, or by email for instructor consent or for questions about waiting lists.
    3. Talk to a department head for instructor consent or troubleshooting.
    4. Talk to the university registrar, associate dean, or dean if you simply need to understand where to turn or what to try next.
  • Remember that W&L is a small college and not everyone can take all courses. Faculty work very hard to accommodate majors. W&L students do tend to graduate on time.
  • Registration is a multi-week process, though 70-80% register in the first few minutes. Not all registration problems can be solved right away, so students should be patient and flexible. Some require using waitlists, getting instructor consent, and seeking assistance from faculty and staff listed above. Some problems are addressed in subsequent terms.