Special Collections and Archives Services


We will digitize collection material for patrons depending upon the condition, type of material and volume, and copyright status on a case-by-case basis. We do not charge fees for this service. However, if you wish to make a financial contribution towards our digitization program, please contact University Librarian K. T. Vaughan. To make a digitization request, please complete the digitization request form. Digitization requests can take up to four weeks or longer depending upon the desired output. We reserve the right to limit how much digitization can be accommodated at any given time based on available staffing resources. Washington and Lee University community members take priority.

Patrons are encouraged to take their own photographs while in the reading room using either a standard camera or their phone's camera. Flash photography is prohibited.

Our digitized content can be accessed from the Digital Archive


Special Collections and Archives strives to support the students and Washington and Lee community through hosting hands-on primary source instruction sessions. Our holdings support a wide array of topics across many disciplines, such as History, Art history, Africana Studies, Earth and Environmental Geosciences, English, East Asian Languages and Literatures, Journalism, Religion, and Accounting. The experience for students can be tailored based on the desired learning outcomes of the class and teaching style of the faculty member. If you're interested in having your students engage with primary sources, please contact Special Collections for a consultation.

Permission to Publish

Washington and Lee University does not require users to obtain permission to publish materials from collections. For more information about user responsibilities and how to cite our collections, please review our Use and Publication of Library Collections Materials document.