Campus Development Plan

Because the goals, programs and needs of a university change over time, long-range planning is a good idea. Managing change and growth helps a university and its community avoid mistakes, generate positive suggestions, see possibilities and allocate resources in relation to its mission. The University's progress is being bolstered by the success of its $500 million Honor Our Past, Build Our Future capital campaign, which continues to make strong progress towards its goal. Completing W&L's strategic plan - the plan for the facilities and programs it wants to implement - means updating and constructing facilities for the 21st century.

The last update of Washington and Lee University's master plan took place 16 years ago in 1998, a very long time in the planning profession. Environmental awareness, technological innovation, energy sources and costs, societal structures and tools once considered luxuries that are now taken for granted have all changed since 1998. Any application of planning done then would not serve today's university very well.

Consequently, University Facilities, with assistance from a company specializing in campus design, Ayers Saint Gross of Baltimore, Md. has undertaken an update of W&L's master plan, focusing on the next five to ten years. Ayers Saint Gross assists many of the country's most respected and beautiful colleges and universities in planning and design, including Johns Hopkins, North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Georgia, Wisconsin-Madison, Delaware and Washington University in St. Louis, among others.

The following pages describe the location of projects that are under construction, planned to begin in the short term, and possible in the long term.