University Planner

The focus of the University Planner is to serve as the bridge between long-range academic and strategic planning and the detailed design and implementation of specific projects. Services provided include:

Space and Real Estate Management: All campus space is inventoried and use is tracked on an annual basis. Departments may request the allocation of space by completing a space request form and contacting the Assistant University Planner at any time. The Assistant University Planner will make a recommendation for review by the Provost and Chief Facilities Officer.

Master Planning: The campus master plan is updated every five years and approved by the Board of Trustees and the City of Lexington; it ensures that the campus develops within a rational framework.

Project Planning and Feasibility Studies: Before a project is approved for design and construction, the University Planner assists departments in evaluating the facility needs, costs, and alternative solutions.

Information Services: The Assistant University Planner maintains and oversees construction project documents including Plans, Specifications, and Operations & Maintenance manuals. Information Services is responsible for the development and implementation of a GIS (Geographic Information System) including hardscape, aerial photography and utility infrastructure networks. The Assistant University Planner updates and inventories space for the University and assists University Facilities with CADD and graphic presentations.

In-house Design Services: For smaller renovation projects that may be constructed using University Facilities'  in house construction team, the University Planner can provide design drawings, cost estimates etc. Departments can consult with the University Planner whenever a need for space changes or additions arises.