Rising Star Customer Service Award

The Rising Star award recognizes a University Facilities employee with less than four years of service.

The successful nominee:

  • Provides consistent quality service anytime any place, not just in his/her assigned areas/tasks.
  • Shows a willingness to learn and eagerness to contribute to the success of the department.
  • Demonstrates a growing level of care that contributes to and inspires a collaborative and healthy workplace.
  • Demonstrates a growing understanding of the university's mission, the department's role and his/her duties and responsibilities.
  • Individuals can nominate themselves.
  • Must be successfully meeting all goals and competencies as indicated on the individuals' PDP.
  • May not have an pending disciplinary actions.
  • Must warrant recommendations by the individuals' supervisor.

To nominate a University Facilities employee, fill out the online Nomination Form below or print the form and drop it into the Nomination Drop Box, located on the reception counter in the UFO.