Facilities Service Center

Work Order Requests

For routine maintenance, non-emergency requests, and event set-up, a work order must be initiated. Customers may do this by using our on-line Work Order system.

Estimates - University Facilities can provide an estimate on the cost of other projects (e.g. building bookshelves, installing an outlet, etc.). For an estimate, initiate a work order request, and indicate "for estimate only."

Key Request

Requests for keys are made by submitting a Key Request Form. The form requires a valid budget number and authorized signature.

The locksmith shop is routinely responsible for lock repairs, changes, and installations; file cabinets and desk lock repairs; locked or broken file cabinets; and battery-operated door alarms. The lock shop keeps records of buildings and room keys, as well as keys issued to faculty and staff. For more information, please call ext. 8490.

Event Set-Up

This service requires an account number and detailed information submitted via a Work Order two weeks prior to the event date. Scheduling of equipment (e.g., tents, tables and chairs), is on a first come, first serve basis. Be sure to provide:

  • a contact name, address and telephone number
  • detailed information as to services you are requesting
  • a layout of all set ups
  • date and time the set up can be torn down 

Requests for use of W&L facilities (indoor and outdoor) must be approved by the appropriate department/individual prior to submitting a work order. Please call ext. 8490 or 8493 for any additional questions or click here to submit a Work Order. More information about making a Work Order request is found on this website under Work Order Requests.


University Facilities provides signage selection and procurement services primarily as a component of larger construction or relocation projects for University offices and classrooms.

Departmental Signage Purchases:

Small scale signage changes and purchases within a department must be reviewed by University Facilities. We provide free consultation services that include information about approved signage standards, samples, and assistance with the development of a budget for your department's purchase. Typical signage includes: Site Map Signs, Site Directional Signs, Building Identification Signs, and Internal Building Signs.

  • Please contact Tom Kalasky for more information (tkalasky@wlu.edu or 540-458-8242)
  • Once you have all the necessary information, you will need to make your request through W&L's Work Order system.
  • Charges for all applicable services (e.g. installation, etc.) will be billed to your department.
Digging Permit

Simple projects like staking down a tent, landscaping, fencing or even installing a signpost on campus can be dangerous and disruptive when digging without knowing where underground utility lines such as electric, communications, natural gas, water, steam, and sewer lines are located. Knowing where these underground utility lines are before putting a shovel or excavation equipment in the dirt helps prevent injuries, property damage and inconvenient service outages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions on when to use the Work Order system, how to request a key, how to get an estimate and more.

Customer Service Awards

University Facilities has a new program to reward employees who provide exceptional service to their customers, support their co-workers, perform high-quality work, help us innovate and improve, and generally enhance the reputation of University Facilities and Washington and Lee.