Employee Workers' Compensation Procedures

1. Employees should report all injuries and "near-misses" to their supervisor.  The supervisor reports all accident/incidents/"near-misses" via the Safety Incident Report in Workday within 24 hours. Employees must follow up with their supervisor to insure the supervisor has submitted the Safety Incident Report.

2. IF THE INJURY IS LIFE-THREATENING OR TREATMENT CANNOT BE DELAYED, CALL 911 OR GO TO THE NEAREST EMERGENCY ROOM. Otherwise, choose from this List of Providers for the initial treatment. The university and the workers' compensation carrier reserve the right to request an independent medical evaluation.  

3. If the employee is transported immediately to a hospital without prior authorization, the employee must identify themselves as a W&L employee who has been injured on the job. Hospital or medical personnel should be advised to call Michael Jennings, the Director of Environmental Health and Safety, at (540) 458-8175 to obtain insurance information.

4. Employees injured on the job should not be liable for any approved medical expenses incurred in connection with the treatment of their injury - as long as the claim is approved by the University workers' compensation carrier. If given a prescription for medicine, the employee should tell the pharmacy that it is a workers' compensation case and provide the phone number of Michael Jennings 540-458-8175. Prescription medicines for workers' compensation injuries should not be submitted to an employee's health insurer, because the employee would then have to pay the co-pay. If an employee does pay out of their pocket for any expenses, please send the receipts to Michael Jennings so that they may be submitted to the insurance company for reimbursement.

5. All doctor slips - especially those stating that the employee is to be off from work or on light duty - should be sent to Michael Jennings.

6. Contact Michael Jennings, the Director of Environmental Health and Safety, at 540-458-8175, mjennings@wlu.edu with any questions.