Campus Construction Update October 3, 2023

The second phase of the Elrod Commons dining renovations will begin later this week. This phase involves extending the back dining area of the Marketplace into the Cohen Family Amphitheater, allowing for additional indoor seating and patio seating off the back of the building.

Marketplace and Café 77 to Operate Normally

Construction activities for this project will not hinder access to the Commons, and the Marketplace and Café 77 will continue to operate at full capacity. However, safety fencing will be installed in the areas around the construction zone, and pedestrians should anticipate minor inconveniences around campus.

Effects to Pedestrian Traffic

Sidewalks around the Commons will remain open during the project, but pedestrians are asked to be vigilant as construction traffic may periodically use sidewalks to access the construction zones. The walkways that will be primarily affected begin behind Lee House, run between Washington Street and Graham-Lees Hall, wrap around the west side of the building, and extend the length of the Commons. A temporary sidewalk will be installed in the construction zone nearest the amphitheater, leading pedestrians through the archway of Reid Hall and continuing to provide a direct path to Leyburn Library and Stemmons Plaza.

On rare occasions, secondary construction access may limit pedestrian traffic on Stemmons Plaza directly in front of Leyburn Library, the Science Addition and the Center for Global Learning.

While these areas remain open to pedestrians, members of the university community are encouraged to use alternate routes when possible. Construction on the second phase of the Commons dining renovation is expected to be completed by the start of the 2024 Fall Term.